For all the "neigh-sayers" of Ponies, please read this.

This is NOT another pony thread, PLEASE read entire post.

Thank you.

Before you read this, I want to make sure that I get one thing very clear.
I don’t want this to turn into a Brony hate thread, but I also don’t want this to turn into another brony thread. So to my fellow Bronies, please keep the pony post and replies to the thread designated for us. I want this thread to be for what I have to say. Mods please don’t remove this as this is meant for all to see who might not go into the official Brony thread to read this.

With that said, I would like to address the topic at hand.

Recently, there have been a number of post posted about how certain individuals here hate the pony stuff that has been going around, and some of these post have even gone to the point of saying that all ponies should be banned from the forums.
Individuals are saying that they are getting annoyed by all of the ponies being posted in the different topics and they don’t want to see it. Others are saying that they simply don’t get it and they want to see ponies as well as “bronies” gone.

I want to take a second and say that I have fully read and understood the reason for the hate, and I am not taking this on as a one sided thing.

I want to talk about YYE for a second here.
When I first joined the YYE forum, there was something about it that really struck me, and that was the variety of people that posted and were members of the forum, and how no matter what differences people had, they could all come together and talk and discuss and get along with each other. I saw how the forum had an acceptance of people and who they were which many other forums seemes to have issues with. You could have a Bible verse in your signature and not a single person would give you trouble for it, where at certain other forums it is frowned upon. You could have someone from the USA talking and helping out someone from Saudi Arabia without any second thought. You had people of all kinds all coming together and share one common interest helping one another and supporting each other, no matter what kind of person they were.

I am a Brony, and I am not ashamed to say that, its who I am, and who I will be probably for a long time, possibly forever, (Really, for those that know me, you would know that I DO NOT follow trends and fads, and the things I get into, I stay with for a long long time.) And for all of my fellow bronies, its who they are as well. We are people, who like what we like, and nothing can change that.

So think about it, when someone outright says “BAN PONIES”, You are also saying “Ban who these people are and who they express themselves as.” One thing nice about living in America is that we have the right to be who we are, and express ourselves in the way that we feel right. Through art, interest, skills, whatever. And YYE is a great example of this and what this truly means. Look around the forums! You will see people expressing their interest all around, from avatars, to post, to the very words used in their everyday vocabulary, you will find it everywhere. You got the Anime fans, who have their avatars and signatures and the occasional pic post. You have the Punk Rock and Metal fans who through avatars and posting of their music express themselves in this way. You have so many kinds of people being who they are, and nobody has a problem with it, But then for Ponies, it seems that their is an issue with many.

I feel that the reason many of us “Bronies” are getting hate is because we are individuals who like something, that wasn’t intended for us to like, and for many, this seems weird, they don’t understand, and this can make them feel annoyed at whats going on. But I want to say this, since when did it come to this, where just cause we don’t understand something, that would automatically mean that we express hate toward it and say it shouldn’t exist. There are lots of things I don’t understand why people like.
The whole metal thing (Metal fans don’t attack me XD, just hear me out for a sec.) I never understood, cause it just isn’t the kind of music that I like. And their are many others that fell the same way, but do we go and say BAN METAL? Or do we go and post in their threads and say “Dude why metal, thats stupid?” NO! Cause we respect them for their likes and interest, and we don’t hate, instead we give them our support, and even check out some of the stuff they listen to sometimes!

Just cause you don’t understand why someone likes something, or understand why that thing even exist, doesn’t mean we hate on it. We respect the individuals for their interest and beliefs, and don’t put them down for those things.

I know that many seem to think that the forum is being “flooded” with ponies. But I have actually taken a look around, and I am not seeing this “flooding” that many are speaking of. What I have noticed is that there have been a number of threads and post against ponies, which ends up making others think that the forum is getting flooded, but in reality, it seems the thing flooding the forums is the pony hate!

There are a few IMG post with ponies in them that people say they hate, but those who hate are thinking of them in that way before, the way that says "I don’t understand, I don’t like this, I don’t appreciate this. And they lash out. But take a look around, What else do you see? Lolcats maybe? Other funny IMGS, demotivational posters? These are things that also are posted on occasion with no issue whatsoever. We need to think of them as a lolcats or any other internet meme and we will have no issue here.

And allot of the post made are not just the img in useless way.,30899.0.html
See, this is a full on review done very well and in the end, a nice pony IMG. No issue, no problem.

We have to remember that while we all have our differences, we have to respect each other for those differences, thats what makes everyone happy, thats what makes a good community.

In the Brony community, we have saying: “Love and tolerate” Meaning that no matter who you are, where you are from, what you did, etc. We will reach out in love to all and not disrespect them for whatever. I think if we can apply that to this forum, we can all live together here in harmony.

Lets stop the ban ponies ponies post, lets not kick ponies out of the topics, instead, lets all appreciate each other for who we are. And to my fellow Bronies, lets use the pony imgs sparingly, post them when needed, not just at random to try to see how many you can use. Think of it like those other IMG memes, you don’t go posting them with every single thing you type.

We don’t have to make this a big issue.

Love and tolerate.



Somepony please read this, this war is going nowhere.

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Heh, neigh-sayers.

Honestly, I don’t give a crap. Post images if they are relevant. Of course, there are things that you can say without posting a captioned image saying the same thing you were going to say…

My one request, yoyofoot, and whoever else has them; please downsize or remove the scrolling mess in your signatures. It really disturbs my reading when I can’t focus on the text. It’s a legitimate issue.

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burn this thread, sick of HEARING about pony threads and overall annoyed with the constant bickering over them and who likes them and who doesnt. We all like what we like and can’t change that so end it.


Enough. Let’s just get along…

Dont burn this thread, I posted this not to be another pony hate or brony thread, but a post in hopes that it can put an end to all of this.

The only reason all this hate and flame is happening is cause of threads like the others of people just hating and raising tempers.

No place for that on YYE, if you read my post, I talk about love and tolerance, and I think we can put a stop to this and all live in harmony with one another without any issues.

Ok, I’m ok with that. I’ll figure out something.

As long as nopony with a massive signature themselves complains I’m fine.

Exactly! I don’t care if you like ponies ::slight_smile: , but I am sick of huge scrolling ponies, random pony pics, and all the pony talk :stuck_out_tongue: (good and bad). Let’s keep the forums about yo-yoing. :wink:

And would someone please explain to me what “bronies” are??? ???

“Love and tolerate”,

^HA!! I’m in your sig!

Dude it was worth quoting! You dont mind do you?

Love your profile pic btw. :smiley:

cough off topic cough

Would you like a Halls for that cough?

Oh heck no, I could care less if you use it ;D

by burn it i mean end it

Is there even any serious discussion about ponies going on? In my eyes this is just some 4chan thing that has dragged itself onto these boards.

On the topic of banning stuff though, I do believe you can turn off the stupid signature in tapatalk, would be nice if people did that.

Yes, there is serious discussion about ponies going on. Not as much here though as in places dedicated to ponies like Equestria Daily, Equestria forums, ponychan, etc.

Well said, Jayyo. But then, maybe downsize the ponies in your signature a little bit, or, like yoyofoot, just remove them.



Are you crazy?

I was just making it less distracting for people…

Does my signature look distracting?


not at all, I think it was just all the animation in mine…

I tried to resize it and I don’t like how it looks in small variant.
Do you think it’s okay if i keep it the way it is?