Bronies are teens/adults who watch My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. It sounds kind of weird but the show is a lot better than you would think. The fandom is also AMAZING. Look up maybe season 1 episode 7, that was one people liked a lot back in season 1. If you don’t like it that’s fine, but I do recommend watching more than just a few minutes if you want to get a good idea of the show.

For some reason this has created a lot of drama here.

Why yoyo spirit!!! So young! So nice! Good modded! So helpful? Why!!! What is happening to YoYoExpert! The time is coming for me to migrate to a new forum I believe!

i think so too, unfortuetely…

sniffle, me too, sniffle

this is ridiculous. yoyospirit is probably one of the kindest people here on the forums. and hey jrod, he might have some bad language sometimes, but who doesnt!? he donats yoyos, sent me a free axle, and is a key modder here.

I’m might have to move to another forum, maybe the other forum

i really like the layout of this forum. other forum feels too cluttered for me.

I think the other forum has the same layout

nope. and also yye has the app, which i like.

This is actually bull hockey.

I love yoyospirit even if he is a Brony.

it has come to my attention that yoyospirit has been banned. im sure other people here on the forums can vouch for him! totalartist?

Ya yoyospirit was a great guy, one of the nicest on the forum b.b.i.p, be banned in peace

Ya, but if this stuff keeps up I might just have to.

I have no idea why he would be banned. He’s an awesome guy. Does great work on his mods as well.

Calm down. YoYoSpirit will be back in five days.


Okay thank you. I had heard wrong.

Let us not take drastic measures just yet.The mods haven’t fully explained themselves yet.
I must say this forum has been acting awefully strange lately.I sure do hope this blows over ,but the best we can do now is rationally speak with the mods about this problem.

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I miss you.



I’m around quite a bit, but there just aren’t that many threads that I feel like I have something worthwhile to add.