My Little Pony Avatars

I do not watch My Little Pony. I never have and probably never will. but I have been SO irritated by the animated avatars (think: Stookie) from this television show that I have had to resort to disabling ALL of them, for everybody in the profiles section.

If only there was a way to disable individual avatars… Stookie…

I liked the avatars. It made people more real and personable and told me something about them. I began to recognize people by them. Thanks My Little Pony (Brownies?) this stinks.



Kinda sounds like a personal problem.


Now your just pouring gas over an open flame. This will most likely start a big arguement. There’s really no need for this thread. It’s not even yoyo related.

I don’t like MLP. I watched one episode and it just wasn’t my thing (gotta give it a shot right?). I have nothing against bronies though. If that’s what they want their avatar to be, then so be it. It even says in the rules that they can have their avatars as ponies but they can’t have it in their signature, can’t make referances, and have to keep all pony discussion in the bronie thread.

Now hopefully this will be locked.


Please, stop complaining. This has nothing to do with yo-yos, so why did you post it in the General Yo-yo Sub-forum? This is a personal preference and is not going to concern Andre or the Admins. Be mature and deal with it. They’re everywhere. Please direct your grievances elsewhere and stop bothering us with complaints.

Whats with the soccer ball as an avatar!? (yoyogeezer) I don’t like soccer! Your Avatar gets on my nerves because I hate soccer! (yoyogeezer)

That is what you sound like right now. Like a child…



What haha

I happen to hate those meme face avatars, I think they should be banned, I know many wont agree cause a bunch of people like them but I dont care, please do something about them, I can’t stand them, and I had to dissable avatars. Can we do something about this?

See the problem here?

I generally totally ignore avatars in fact, cause really, is the avatar the reason you come to the forums? Or is the posting content?
Go to any forum, any site where you can have an avatar, which is many, and you will have all sorts of different kinds that reflect something the user enjoys. We obviously will see some we don’t like, but we don’t go expressing distain against them, its not our business to do so.

Unless an avatar is offensive, derogatory in some way, there is no harm, anything else can simply be ignored.



Well now. Calling someone out? Really? Talk to the person you have problems with instead of calling them out in the public. This goes for basic life skills, really. And if you think it’s about more people than one person, don’t call the person out, just say that we have a problem with multiple people and don’t name names.

Like my mom says, if you don’t like it, don’t look at it. Seriously, do the ponies scare you? Did something happen between a pony and you when you were little, and these silly gifs bring back bad memories? Just don’t look at them. And yes, I agree that MLP is stupid.



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Manners, please! Share opinions respectfully.