There are lots of people with Calvin yoyoing as an avatar. It is confusing. Discuss.

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It’s an iconic comic of calvin yoyoing. We are a yoyo forum. This comic was put on Tshirts at the very first national yoyo contest.


As much as I enjoy Calvin and Hobbes, I have to say that the recent Calvin-And-Hobbes-avatar-boom is extremely confusing.

Avatars are such a nice way to identify people - it’s a pain looking at the names.


Yeah there’s too many calvin and hobbes avatar


I confused a handful of people with my avatar change. lol

This was extracted for season 3, episode 16 of The Simpsons


Half of this episode revolves around Yo-Yos, I am surprised it has not been mentioned more often

Also, 400th post!!


Also see this, as I believe it is based off of the episode-



I should change mine then…


Naww, yours is a slightly different color. Easier to tell apart.


M… Maybe…


Avatar Suggestions?


You know there’s lots of cyxl avatars too but what I don’t get is why people copy or do similar avatars there supposed to be unique…

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If I changed my avatar the world would end! It’s the perfect avatar for me. My sig is just as perfect for me and is the result of some forum fun. ;D

Carefully chosen avatars and sigs can say a lot about people.

Just don’t make me mad because I might change my avatar and then…boom…it’s all over! ::slight_smile:

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Ski season is coming up for me Skitrz!

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Snowed in the mountains yesterday and this morning. It snowed in the mountains yesterday and this morning. I can see snow!

Skis are waxed and …M.DeV1 how dare you trick me into a threadjacking!

Back on topic, I have the perfect avatar, yes I do! (I can see snow in the San Juan Mountains) :-*


I might be changing my avatar to my favorite bands newest album cover.

Then again, no one on the Internet has this avatar, as I took the screenshot of this episode because I knew it’d be a great avatar.


Lol I turned off avatars and sigs a while ago, I have no idea what your avatars are, :smiley:


My dad made mine.


Cool banjospins made mine and i absolutely love it! It really cool


I agree!


I agree with you too!