Calvin (and Hobbes) YoYo comic... anyone know which book it might be in?


Does anyone happen to know which book the Calvin and Hobbes YoYo comic strip can be found?
calvin yoyo by miketheturtle, on Flickr

I’d like to find, or scan, a higher resolution than this one…


Calvin & Hobbes, Act II: In Thy Image, Chapter 2-
Hobbes: ::ignoring Calvin:: I think I’ll bring the toothbrush and yo-yo, but I’ll leave the money.

The strip you refer to is from the book Indespensible Calvin and Hobbes, and after combing it, I couldn’t find the page. Sorry, I looked way harder than necessary.


This one any better?

Uploaded with


Yes it is :slight_smile:


On page 129 of Book Two in the anthology “The Complete Calvin and Hobbes” you’ll find the comic you’re after.

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Thanks for reminding me that I totally own the Calvin and Hobbes anthologies. Eeee.


unfortunately it’s still a GIF… and that get’s pixilated when blown up… the other unfortunate thing is I don’t have the anthology… if someone has it and can get a really good 300dpi scan and email it to me, I’d be very grateful (and if all goes right, something in it for you)

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I’m living at school at the moment so I can’t be of any help. Plus we’re moving so all my stuff is packed up in random places. Ack!


I’m thinkin’ I got the Turtle-man all he needs this morning on this. If not he can let me know.


Got it BanjoSpins… and they look GREAT! I emailed you back… thanks again!

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I like where I think this is going!




I saw a shirt, from either YoyoJam or YoyoFactory, with this strip on it. I absolutely love Calvin and Hobbes, but to make a T-shirt with a Calvin and Hobbes comic strip would be against the wishes of Bill Waterson, the creator. He wanted Calvin and Hobbes to never be merchandised, and it would be disrespectful for them to do so.
EDIT: checked Yoyofactory’s facebook page, and it was from 1993 xD


I actually have a request being considered by the publisher, to do a short, nonprofit, run of this strip on a simple shirt…


C&H was still in print then, right?


This was my favorite ;D


My pic!!!

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Both on the fridge.


I think Calvin needs to learn to bind.


Yes, the strip ran until 1995.

I actually own every individual book released (not including the Indispensible, Essential, etc. Those are just reprint collections of the other books), stored somewhere back home. If I get a chance to look at them again, I can probably find it.