Higby/Haponik: 66 Rules for Yo-Yo Players COMIC BOOK and '66' handpainted Profly

mr. john higby has been a hero of mine for some time. the metaphorical superfecta of his extraordinary yo-yo skill, performance, visual art, and sense for ‘yo-yo history’ placed him up on a pedestal in my mind from the moment i was exposed to him. to have developed a friendship with him over the years has been both humbling and wonderful.

so, obviously, the opportunity to collaborate with him on a project would be dream come true…

in november of last year, i wrote down a list of ‘rules’. these were intended to be both amusing and challenging, and most of all, an invitation for yo-yoers to take a ‘benevolently critical’ glance at themselves; to determine what qualities of yo-yoing THEY believe to be important. some people read them, and some people liked them. a lot of yo-yoers have asked me about the ‘rules’; why i wrote them - why yo-yoing needs them. i’ve thought a lot about it, and i think they hold up okay, if only to provide an impetus for questioning ourselves.

one of those people who noticed them was john, who contacted me pretty much straight away and asked about creating something together. needless to say, i was up for it. so, over the past month, john has worked like crazy to draw and ink a comic book which records the 66 rules, illustrating them in his own indelible style. he did this amidst the insane backdrop of doing 50+ shows in like 60 states (or something) over the past month, and i’m afraid his efforts make me appear way cooler than i actually am.

alongside the comic, john is offering a special ‘66’ version of his handpainted clear duncan proflys. they look stunning (i have to say, the pog art is ESPECIALLY ATTRACTIVE), and are a total joy to play. a lot of people have asked me lately about good, consistent wood axle yo-yo’s and and these painted proflys look smart and positively sing.

john’s got em up for sale at the link below (sold as a set), and i hope that if you’re inclined to pick one up, you find the comic and yo-yo as immensely fun and representative of john’s unique style as i do.

please check out the video we made:

and get your ‘66 Rules for Yo-Yoer’s’ COMIC and ‘66’ ProFly here:


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Too coolio for schoolio! :smiley:

Ed, have I ever told you that I love you?

just that once, and it was via telegram. and you wouldn’t pay for the letter ‘o’.
‘i lve yu’ too pal.

I was in a bind.
Pat Sayjack Makes you PAY for vowels. And I only had enough for a ‘u’ an ‘e’ and an ‘i’.
Aren’t you old enough to remember when they used to chizel letters out of stone, old man? :stuck_out_tongue:
But in all seriousness, I will definently be buying a copy
And I want to send it to you, and have you sign it.

lol. of course i’d be honored, bro.

I want to get one, I have been saving for a soverign, but I dont know when the next run will be, so I’ll pick one up. I would love to have you sign it too, Ed!

And I want “I lve yu” put in there somewhere! Haha.

Woooooot!! I got mine… And if your willing to do signing…



Mine has been Ordered!

ED HAPONIK is THE best! I’m a huge fan.

The 2 weeks Rebecca and I performed at Disney last month gave me a perfect opportunity to draw cartoons for this comic so while it was 7 degrees at home and 82 in Orlando, I inked ed’s brilliantly written Rules for Yo-Yo Players at our rented house in Orlando. I used to ONLY draw black and white cartoons and I put in 4 years at high school newspaper as “resident” cartoonist. The summer I graduated from Littleton, CO. I landed a dream job at Wild Oats as the sign maker and that job made me learn about color. I was doing art and street performing in Boulder in 1993. So drawing this up was really fun for me to get back to cartooning. Honestly, I would have loved to do full color 33 page comic, but having a baby in the house makes doing art a tricky thing in it’s own. Maybe we can do another project together. (hint to ed)

Playing wood axle is so fun and I do the first part of our show with a ProFly. If you don’t know shoot the moon, (my favorite trick) this is a great yo-yo to learn it on. It is what is used in the video as well.




I’ll work with you two if you need any help with anything. I’m here to help!!

I always love watching you play, Ed… So, so refreshing.

I can’t wait to pick this up!!! Both John and Ed have been in my top 10 for a long time. John’s art is both amazing and can bring the child out in anyone. Ed is just a fixed axle god and the privilege to take part in the one month challenge was, exciting, educational, and humbling. Both of you have earned all of the parse you get from Yoyoer’s around the world and to see a project such as this is just great! Once again, thank you for all you have done for the YoYo scene and I look fwd for anything you both may do.

Just got mine and Ed can you sign it for me that would be awesome and the book please and also if you can can you get John Higby to sign it too if you cant thats fine your signature is still awesome. WOOT!! ;D

I’ve been waiting for so long for somthing like this… I’ve been wanting a piece of Higby art but I live in a very small home, with no where to put a painting! I could keep the book neatly in my case… Like my yoyo bible and play with the yoyo…

Grrr… I want it soo bad… mail needs to hurry up!!


Finally something that will display how godlike Ed Haponik is.

I’ll write more later, but for now…

Ed… you are at the top of my pedestal of yo yo play!

I would love to get this comic book! Alas I am eight years late to the game! My loss :sob: