Next Run of Trading Cards

I think the next run of trading cards should feature 20 or 30 of yoyoexperts members instead of the professionals. Who else thinks this is a good idea?

Lol…hmm… That would be…interesting…

That is the best Idea EVER.

if it does happen Studio42 is the first one printed

Yes, I wonder who would be next…

I thought it would be a fun new twist!

Well ME of course!!

Obviously the Mods would all get the foil cards!

Hmmmm remember Andre can only make so many cards! That and who ever isn’t on YYE will not know who these people are!

Which is exactly why we need to raise awareness for them. We do this by making cards!

Not too many non-yoyoers know the people on the cards anyway.

A pajama man card would be awesome, but i’m a little biased. ::slight_smile:

I don’t think that’s going to happen because there is already a sneak peek (in the YYE news) of the 2013 trading cards with professionals like John Ando and Eric Koloski.

well… seeing as they only come in orders from yye anyway…

It would be great!

But you know what would be even better? A potatobobguy card. That guy rocks. Not that I’m biased or anything crazy like that.

#selfpromotion ;D

Mr.Yoyoguy card would be best

I think it’d kinda be interesting to have a run of cards featuring iconic yoyos. There’d be a nice photo and then some cool information about the colorways it came in, when it was produced, stats (dimensions and weight), manufacturer, original price, etc. etc.

Peak, No Jive, FHZ, Genesis, Supernova, Torrent, 888, Phenom, Lyn Fury, Hitman, etc.


I like this idea a lot Jason!

As do I!

This would be WAY better than player cards in my opinion.

I think it’d be cool to splash them in but a lot more of the ones that changed the game like tom kuhn SB2, the fh1, oxy4, 888… really good idea though :slight_smile: