something I just noticed.


I just realized that yoyoexpert trading cards are TRADING cards.
How come people don’t trade them on the buy sell trade area?
yoyo friends should help each other out on finishing their checklist because I don’t know or have herd anyone complete their checklist before.
yoyo contest,yoyo clubs,online…
I never see anyone trade these cards ever.
Mabye Its just me and I never pay attention to this but seriously am I the only one that noticed/thought this?
I mean It is a yoyoexpert exclusive…I would think people would be all into it and actually trying to collect them all each year but I guess not.
every year they Improve there cards Ive noticed so why aren’t people making a big deal about these like they do to yoyos? (I do it too,I get all into it when a new good popular throw comes out.)
this just came to mind out of nowhere but leave a comment on what you think of this. :slight_smile:


There a lot of people who do. You just ha e to look pretty hard.


I tried a thread on that last year. It didn’t go too well in general, but some people did trade out cards. I sent out a bunch, received a bunch.

Should I make another one up? I know with the 2013 National YoYo Day Sale and people getting complete 2011 sets, there’s gonna be some card trading activity potential.

I already have a complete 2011 set already. I’ve also got a bunch of 2011 repeats and my 2012 repeats are starting to pile up.

Are you saying I should maybe make another card trading threat?


yea that’s a good idea I people would like It :slight_smile:
PS:Im one of those getting 2011 card pack ;D


I’ll see about getting that started this weekend. It will be a “you post what you got and what you want, add to the thread” thing.


They may be called trading cards, but there’s really not a whole lot of reason to trade them in my eyes. There’s no game to go with them, there’s no real value to them as the community is so small and no card is really more rare than another. Ordering regularly, you’ll most likely collect a full set for that year anyway. The only times I really pay attention to the cards I get is while they have the reward cards. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not bashing collecting them in any way, if you’re into it, more power to you. I’m just saying I personally don’t care to.


It’s cool to put in those collectible car folders, but that’s about it.


Think baseball cards and other sports cards from “years back” when the only way you could get them was with the wrapped mystery pack of anywhere from 3-20 cards, with the stale bubble gum. They even included team checklists so you could figure out what you were missing.

This is just on a smaller scale and the entire checklist for 2013 is 65 cards. Much easier to manage.

I think it’s a neat promotional item. I’d still buy from YYE with or without the cards.


What’s everyone missing? I got a few doubles.