Is this a good deal?

I think that im going to trade all of my trading cards for a CT and a koncave. I don’t have any real life yoyo friends to trade with, so they are pretty much worth nothing to me. I have 55 cards, 13 of them 2013, 3 of them world champion limited edition, and 39 of them 2011. What are your thoughts? Should I take the deal?

Totally your call.

If you’re not into cards, then that’s a decent way to make a trade.

I have a few 2010 cards, 2 complete 2011 sets, 1 2011 set missing two champion cards, and a complete 2013 set. The remainder duplicates I give to my kid or trade off.

If you have to ask, you’re right the cards are worth nothing to you. Go for the bearings, you know they’ll get used and someone else will appreciate those cards. It’s a win win! :slight_smile:

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I never even realized people collected the cards until somewhat recently, I had always thrown them away without opening them. So yes, to me that would be a great deal. I don’t care for KKs but I’ve been growing more fond of CTs lately.

I know that there are many who collect the cards and try to put together sets and value them. I can’t say the cards hold any value for me. I don’t order enough yoyos each year to even come close to having a set. I throw my cards away. :o If someone will give you something for them, then I say go for it.

I don’t care about the trading cards at all unless it’s a player/ trick I like.
I was so happy when i got Ben Conde, takeshi matsuura, and a spirit bomb in one pack :slight_smile:

There are trick cards? Never hear of them.

I think there is spirit bomb and seasick :slight_smile:

Yeah, go for it.
And never look back.

Take a picture of the cards. That’s all they are, a picture. A picture would be just as useful as an actual card. A picture of a bearing won’t do any good though.

Thanks for all your help guys im doing the deal! The problem is the guy has 0 feedback and only has 50 posts. Who should send first and stuff? This is my first trade ever (if you dont count strings)

Since it’s a 0/0 trade, you should both send at the same time. Agree on a date, exchange delivery confirmation numbers.

Well i did have 1 good deal. I sold my kendama to a guy. He said that he would give feedback but he never did. I pmd him last night so hopefully he will soon. And also since it just cards can i send them in the regular mail or will i have to pay the 5$ for shipping?

I sent you a pm… And I dont think all of those cards will fit in an envelope… If they do, great, but you’ll want to put 2 stamps on it.

I recommend you send it in a small box though, but youll have to pay more for shipping, so thats up to you.

Just use a small mailer and take it to the counter for postage and you’ll be fine. 1st Class is fine both ways for this transaction.

My feedback rating would be higher but some people didn’t leave feedback for me. I track all my BST activity so I know who, for what, how much and when.

This deal is off now. I’m trading the cards with someone else for 2 bearings and some specialty string. I finally get to try BYYS!

Of course people colect the cards Im trying to get a complete 2013 set put togethr so if you dont want your cards Ill take um

not A bad deal!