2013 YYE card winners!!!


Just thought it would be neat to hear from people who have received the winning trading cards and what you’ve won.

Thank you and good luck to all.

P.S. I have 8 packs on the way. I’ll post too if I’m a lucky one


8 packs?? my gosh…


A cliff and an artic circle. 2 separate orders = 8 packs. Thanks Santa.


Should be gettin 10 packs on Christmas hope I win!


What colors are you getting? I’m either getting one or the other and I’ll get 4 packs so I hope I win even thought I’d have to be pretty lucky.


Concrete blizzard cliff and delirium dive ac


I’m getting 4 packs with my AC :smiley:
Can’t wait


If i buy my load that i want, it will be 4 packs…


I have had 4 packs but have not won


Getting for packs with my Chief. C’mon $250 C’mon C’mon!


I opened 4 packs yesterday…didn’t win AND most of them were duplicates :-\


I got 16 card packs last week, but no winners in there. I have half the cards now, and some duplicates too. The three I was really looking for, Andre Boulay, Harold Owens and Chuck Short, were not in the bunch though. :frowning:


I opened a pack today with nothing, I bet YYE has a TON of packs made up so there’s probably a slim chance of winning.


Opened 3 packs today, no winners.


I’m really confused because I ordered a yo-yo and when it got here, there wasn’t a pack of cards with it!!!


Got 6 packs. Probably going to open them later today.


How do you get more then 1 pack?


every 50 you spend you get one more


I’m just special!

No, serious. I bought a pair of Loop 1080’s and Cliff.


Opened 4 packs but didn’t win anything.