YYE Trading Card Prize List

Okay, so I think that every time a prize from the 2013 YYE trading card has been given out, it should be crossed out on the 2013 trading card page. I have thought about if the prizes are randomly assorted but I’m not sure. Now what do you think. ;D

As a buyer, I’d be for it. :wink:

But as somebody with a smidge of business acumen, I’d say it’s a bad idea for YYE as a retailer. Not knowing if the CLYW package has been given out, as a consumer I hold on to the hope of winning it, and if an order of mine is nudging towards a $50, I’m probably going to add an extra pack of strings to get there. Hey, I can always use more strings, right? If all the big prizes were gone, I probably wouldn’t bother with that extra little add-on.

I’m sure Andre would have no problem if the knowledge just sort of “got out there” (an excited customer posting in the forum, “Hey, I won a package!!!”) but I don’t think he should be expected to go out of his way to supply that information.

Just looking at it from both sides here.

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I did not think about that at all lol. Thanks ;D