2014 YoYoExpert Winter Giveaway is here!

YoYoExpert is excited to announce our 2014 Winter Trading Card Giveaway!

Read all the info here:

So what do you guys think of this new Winter Giveaway? Will you be buying more things to get more trading card packs? Which prizes are you hoping to win? How much stuff are you going to buy to try and win one of these?

The $500 shopping spree would be pretty awesome, but I’m not going to bother buying anything.

i just placed a 70 dollar order plan is to buy something every 2 weeks when i get paid till the contest is over

Wow! This marketing technique by yoyoexpert is more effective than I would have guessed. :wink:

Don’t think I’ll go out of my way to buy anything extra, but it’s definitely a nice bonus for purchases I’ll be making

I know! It makes me want to buy a ton of stuff, which I probably will!

Yeah I have it all thought out of what I would buy…wishful thinking!! :smiley: :smiley:

Whoever gets the grand prize is obligated to buy me something ;D ;D ;D ;D

That’s what I thought as well

I bought a Space Cowboy yesterday ;D Have a slim chance.

I’ll have a chance with my Christmas present from my sister. Might have to pick up some more stuff though… Bearings and string maybe, don’t really need any other throws right now.

Nice! Buy me a benchmark if you win!

You could just buy a ton of string and hope

I want all the prizes. ;D I’m going to have to step up my order game now.

When the new cards came out, I was wondering why they ditched the idea of prizes in the cards. I’m happy that the idea wasn’t abandoned, and it makes sense to do it seasonal instead. That way prizes aren’t outstanding all year long. They’re always thinking at YoyoExpert.

I won big a few years ago, $250 and a free bearing, so I’m going to try again. All the prizes are great!

I want that John Higby painting so bad it’s making me sick. I’m with TA, I’m gonna have to step my order game up.

I wanna see him do Jensen or someone lol

Number 9… oh yeah

:o :o :o knowing what you order now, maybe it’d be cheaper to just buy the store? :wink:

You sir, are probably right. :-[