2014 YoYoExpert Winter Giveaway is here!


I’ve spent over $1500 in the past month on yoyos, so I really need to curb my spending before I end up on the street begging for yoyo money. :stuck_out_tongue:

There are some fantastic offers on here though, I just need to resist the temptation… for now.

Andre, why you do this to us eh? ;D


Excited for this! My wallet, however, is not :o


Just placeed another order today


Me too. Those card packs are like lottery tickets now. Game on! ;D


It’s like the golden ticket in the willy wonka movie

(Owen) #26

I want that Higby painting!!!


Wait, so from now on anybody can win? Can you spot here if you won? Because if someone posts here with the grand prize won’t the people be discouraged from buying more?

Just bought a CZM8 for my birthday BTW.
Personally, I think the Duncan or C3 prizes are cool, along with the YYE yoyo bag


I love the c3 Prizes they are the best for sure


I have been debating on making a purchase for the past two months but with the holiday season and this tactical marketing strategy I’m so inclined now…


YES! Great job YYE for this marketing! I really am hoping to get that C3 or CLYW prize!


Shit I be happy winning anything don’t matter what the prize is


Me too! 3 packs today, and struck out. :frowning:

:stuck_out_tongue: I must try again. ;D


500$ gift certificate= a whole mess a new babies XD i would love to have it.!!

just had to state it.


:o If I win that I wouldn’t know what to buy, because I don’t usually have that money to spend.

Goes to look for things to buy, just in case


I think I could spend it pretty quickly ;D


yeah. a couple nice onedrop and clyw could finish it off in 1 second.


haha indeed,i pretyt much know what i would buy already it would be gone no problem XD,a few AL7 g-squared yoyos and a movitation would put it to rest XD


If I win the grand prize I’d likely just spend it on string and bearings. There’s a lot of those that I want to try, but not really any throws I want right now.


getting a horizon and 2 packs of cards. hope I win. :smiley: :smiley: ;D :smiley: :smiley:


3 packs of cards so far and nothing I have a package coming tomorrow so im hoping for something gonna place another order on Wednesday