Happy Halloween 2012 - We Want Costume Pictures Contest!

Happy Halloween 2012! 
We know a lot of you will be in costume this weekend and wanted to make this year fun again!
These are some of the pictures from last year:

What we are looking for:

When you’re out at Halloween parties this weekend or out trick or treating next week, get a photo snapped of you in costume doing a yo-yo trick! Be scary, funny or do a crazy pose. Whatever you want is cool. Have fun with it!

Submit Your Photo
With your photo taken, all you need to do is share it on our Facebook page!

If you don’t have Facebook you can also just post it in this thread (or do both!)

How and What You’ll Win
On the morning of November 1st we are going to choose our one favorite picture and they will be winning a $100 Gift Certificate to YoYoExpert!  We will also give out four runner ups a $25 Gift Certificate to the store!

From all of us at YoYoExpert, have a safe and happy Halloween!!


I might have a practice session done for my costume…

Hmm, I love this contest.


im soo going to enter im going to be a spider this should be interesting…

Me and my zen 5!!!

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Can u enter more then once?

Do you have more than one costume? :wink:

I have one more

Are you going to trick or treat twice?

Isn’t that like cheating?

Or the oldest trick in the book? :wink:

The shark wants the dog!


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without yoyo :smiley:

Wow! Impressed we already have some great entries here! Keep them coming. :slight_smile:


My sisters going to make me a Zombie!

I’m going as the same thing as last year

A cereal killer. ;D :wink: Get it haha. I’m so clever.
Here’s me doing the sword grind. One of the hardest grinds in the world.

There you go, a triple or nothing and I couldn’t even see it through the eye slits! Had to ask the guy taking the pic if I landed it…

Ness, like last year


What I found funny is that you didn’t land it. :wink:

Me too, haha.

No comments on my ness costume?