Happy Halloween - We Want Costume Pictures Contest!

Halloween is this Monday!
We know a lot of you will be in costume this weekend though and wanted to make this year fun!

What we are looking for:

When you’re out at Halloween parties this weekend or out trick or treating on Monday, get a photo snapped of you in costume doing a yo-yo trick! Be scary, funny or do a crazy pose. Whatever you want is cool. Have fun with it!

Submit Your Photo
With your photo taken, all you need to do is share it on our Facebook page!

If you don’t have Facebook you can also just post it in this thread (or do both!)

How and What You’ll Win
On the morning of November 1st we are going to choose our one favorite picture and they will be winning a very cool Green Acid Wash Avant Garde! We will also give out four runner ups a $25 Gift Certificate to the store!

From all of us at YoYoExpert, have a safe and happy Halloween!!

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can you take multiple photos

Sounds fun!

Such win!

here you go im so happy you thought of everyone because i dont have facebook and dont want to create a account I USED A MUTANT DNA WITH DIFFERENT COSTUMES

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Sounds like fun to me and I most definitely will take advantage of that deal as well.

Working on my costume now. :slight_smile:

I won’t be taking my pic until Monday. I don’t want to get dressed up and take off the costume unless it’s Halloween.

Considering whether I may or may not be a judge (I’m thinking Andre and his better half are judging) I may take part in this. Just not sure what to do. I hadn’t planned on anything. Hmm…Maybe I won’t.

That is a legit pumpkin.

Who ever dresses up as Andre is sure to win. ;D

(Not really but you might win.)

;D btw i’m Jason

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heres me ;D



Hey guys just made an account cuz I don’t want to post my costume on facebook before the party tonight. Enjoy!

004 by yoyo.ritt, on Flickr

I have to put out a sound and light display on Monday, plus I don’t do the costume thing. I deal with too many cosplay people all year round, it kinda wears on me.

But if I do, I’ll just go as a serial killer. They look just like the rest of us. Plus I need the photo for another project!


might post a higher quality pic. You have no idea how hard it was to get into trapeeze. I had to hop the yoyo over the top of my costume blind, and then mount a trapeeze, while clicking the mouse on my computer and running backwar ;Dds and posing.

Me doing a Gyroscopic Flop :slight_smile: My favorite trick. I did the easy way because the mask practically made you blind. :smiley: lol ;D :smiley: Link to photo cause I have no idea how to post it… http://www.flickr.com/photos/68267293@N05/6293023834/

My submission!http://img692.imageshack.us/img692/5324/img0041xx.jpg I am a cereal killer. My trick is a sword grind. I am proud to have invented this trick. Another view.