Happy Halloween - We Want Costume Pictures Contest!

;D You kids are so much fun…clever yet simple ideas on your costumes. YoYoAvenger, I laughed out loud at your pic, it’s perfect for you. Potatobobguy - the “cereal” killer bouncing a yoyo off a box of raisin bran - or what ever you’re doing there - hilarious. Thanks guys for making my night.

Keep it all comin’ kids, I love it!

The little red thing is the yoyo, and I am grinding on the sword sticking out of the cereal box,(hence cereal killer).

im not going trick or treating and this isn’t a yoyo pic but its still funny.just a picture i found

I made the mailbox costume from scratch ;D
the yoyo is the split decision

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Who needs a genie when you got a yoyo?

Oh, and carpet is currently enjoying the quiet retired life as wall decor.

A trapeze brother around my neck. ;D
My homemade costume is so big… Can’t really yoyo.

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I think that after this contest is over, there should be a photo gallery, regardless of who wins!

Seriously, this can be one of the most fun threads ever.

Mine is nearing completion and will look pretty cool I hope.

Here’s my submission for the Halloween contest :slight_smile:
Josh Black- “Walk the dog, on the dog!”

I’m backwards lol ;D

Posted some on the FB as well. It’d be nice to throw somthing nicer then a ONE (although fun)!!!

here is my photo. Word.

Throwing a yo-yo with a hook is harder than it looks. LOL!
Happy Halloween!


My split split bottom mount.





can i post a video of me wearing my costume?

I totally agree. I can’t wait to dress up tomorrow!