I Won!! YYE Trading Card Prize #1 $250 & Center Trac Bearing....

Okay, here’s the long and short…well more like the long. Well…I placed a big order with YYE as documented in the unboxing video posted in the forum. So when I placed the order, I corresponded with customer service about some things. I totally forgot there were prizes associated with the trading cards, and told them I just wanted to complete my set. I notified customer service that I didn’t need a lot of packs of cards cause I only needed 7 cards to complete the set. I figured I’d save them from sending me a lot of doubles and wasting the cards. Well…they sent me a whole stack of cards anyway, including the ones I needed to complete the set. :slight_smile:

It took me a day or so to open the box of throws when I received it cause I was working a lot ::slight_smile: and wanted to do the unboxing on video too. Then, it took me another day to open all the card packs too. Well…when I opened them, I found a Center Trac Bearing and felt like I hit the lottery ;D. Then, in another pack, I found the claim ticket for Prize #1. I wasn’t too shocked yet, cause I totally forgot about the prize aspect. Then I remembered that when I told customer service the card packs were no big deal cause I only needed the 7 cards, I almost screwed myself out of the chance to win :-[. It’s like they saved me from myself. Then, when I found out that I won a $250 gift certificate to use on the YoYoExpert.com site for anything I want…I fell off my chair :o.

I held onto those cards for two days before I had a chance to open them all and sort them out. I was SHOCKED, not only that I won, cause I never have any luck…but shocked that I won so big, and almost screwed myself out of a winning chance. I totally just wanted to complete the set and forgot about the chance to find a bearing or a prize or anything in the packs. This is a great site, I’m glad I won, and thank the customer service (Andre) for saving me from myself. I would have screwed that up big time. I’m soooo happy now, like I’m still dreaming, but give me some advice…what should I buy now? Thanks Andre and all at YYE for all the advice, and such a great site! 8)

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Nice Broski!! I would use it to buy the first brother, and then save it to buy the second brother and the third brother from the blood brothers series

Congrats :slight_smile:

I was eyeballing that first brother…it does look good…

I’ll buy that ticket from you for $250 :wink:

Or you could buy my Rare supernova, wink wink lol


Looks like you used up all of your luck for the year. :wink:


I wish I got it. I just don’t have the luck. Maybe it’s my karma…

Probably for life…lol The last time I won something it was six CDs after I called the local radio station Kiss 108FM…that was around 1992. One of them was a Prince album, “Diamonds & Pearls.” Another was Bonnie Raitt…“Luck of the Draw,” the one she won all those Grammys for. I don’t remember the others lol.

Congrats! Unfortunately, I used up all my luck to win the twelve prizes from Duncan’s “Twelve Days of Giveaways.” What you can by from YoYoExpert with $250 is all up to you.

That’s awesome man. Congrats. :slight_smile:

Ordered the green grind finish this morning. Im going to get all 3 haha

get a CODE2 and next run Chief when they come out, and some other fun stuff! Thats what I would do


woah congratz man! (you should buy me a yoyo)

lol me too

I wish I could wait that long…feels like Christmas right now, so I have to choose something soon. So far, I have a Genesis, Blood Brother and a few other things in my cart…still stewing on it though. I’m going to put some cash with it and get several at once.

What about say an E1ns or a ywet? Or some one drops?

buy a dog name himlvjbhivnisrgnilbv ;D

Okay…didn’t take me too long. The order is in. I put some more cash with it, and went with the following:

  1. First Blood Brother - I’m going to collect the whole series, so I might as well choose while I can get the color I want. I just wonder which pose I’ll end up with. I chose blue.
  2. Dream Yo Pixie - I collect small yoyos, already have a Flea, Pocket Rocket, St. Eel, Aoda Little and so on, so I want to add this to the collection. There was one left in stock so it was a priority…the right color too…silver.
  3. YYF Genesis - I always wanted one, and when I placed the last order it was in the running, so an opportunity to get one a second time around. I tend to like solid color yoyos, but the YYE edition in the logo colors and silver splash with the YYE logo looks cool…Gimmie Gimmie. Chose this in honor of the site that gave me the hookup on this order. I’ll do a video on it too, and give YYE props.
  4. XCube La Goutte - Just saw an awesome review where someone spoke highly of this yoyo, and it’s a beautiful looking yoyo in polished gold… Only 200 made, so it won’t be around too long, gotta have it while I can.
  5. One Drop - MarkMont Next - I have the Nickel plated one, and I love it, plays great, looks classy, so I wanted the Soda Blasted version and the signed card that comes with it.

Some of the things you guys suggested were just out of stock, so I’ll wait on those things and save up in the next few months to get them when there is a restock. For that reason, I will tackle the area of CLYW and such next time. I considered that Dri-Ywet, but there are 14 in stock, so I have some time to tackle that later. At the price offered, I expect sales to be slow and steady, so I’ll monitor stock on that. When it’s less than 5, I’ll make a move. I love that YYE tells you exactly how many are left in stock so you can gauge how long you have to make a move. I have Dang, Dietz, Trinity, Catalyst already. Thanks for the feedback and congrats too. What do you guys think of the order?