If you were to have a prize from the YYE cards prizes, which one would it be?

I would probably choose the Yoyojam lot (prize number 2) because I’ve wanted the PHENOM for quite a while or the one drop lot (prize number 3) because of the Cascade and Y-Factor but I’ll probably also want the yoyofactory lot even though I don’t know what it is. My 4th choice would obviously be another one of the grand prizes, the $250 giftcard (the advantage of this is that you can choose yoyos from different brands/companies.) ;D

Either the CLYW package, because it might have protos in it, or the $250 gift card.

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Definitely two, that nickel cascade looks incredible.

the nickel cascade is the only yoyo you can do green triangle with. OOPS! just kidding!


It wouldn’t…

It’s not my choice…

RANDOM DANCING!!! (If no one gets this I’d be sad. :frowning: )

I’d be happy with any of them.

What cards win?

I think they tell you on the card.


I do!

Do you have to spend a certain amount of money to get cards, or does every order get a pack?

every order gets a pack :wink:

CLYW or One Drop pack!


Where are you getting all this prize info??

edit: Never mind, found it on the YYE facebook.

#2 of course

Edit: I’m stupid
The clyw one that hasn’t been told what’s in it.(not sure which number)
or #4 the $250 gift card
#10, the glacier express, is pretty nice too

Where does it say what’s in it

Either the CLYW package, the nickel cascade, or the $250 gift card.

YYE Facebook.