If you were to have a prize from the YYE cards prizes, which one would it be?

Found it can’t pick

You can also see it on the YYE homepage in the different slides where the picture/info changes every like 5 seconds. Just click on the one that says ‘Yoyoexpert Trading Cards Winter Giveaway’. Hope this helps :wink:

Here it is below. I’d love to win that $250 again. That was great! Only at the best yo-yo site ever…


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‘Again’? What do you mean? Did you win it last year?

Again’? What do you mean? Did you win it last year?

Yes, she was the lucky one to get that. :smiley:

Lol okay. Must have been pretty cool :smiley:

Ronin, Radian, or the Campfire for me…I would love those.

Got 3 packs today. No winners.

I was so excited I could hardly sleep. I think I put some more money with it and made some huge purchase. It was like Xmas with a real Santa Clause :smiley: I won one of the free Center Trac bearings in a different card pack too. I’m one of those people who never wins anything, so I was floored when I won that one. I held onto the card packs for days before opening them too. Made my day that day, I was shocked :smiley:

I just got three packs today, but no winners, after buying the Majesty and some accessories, but I didn’t get any card doubles, which is cool. I got Ed Haponik, Graeme Steller, Yuji Kelly, Thomas Bubak, Alex Garcia, Kyle Derry, Petr Kavka, Paul Han, David Ung, Hiro Koba, Takeshi Matsuura, and the Spirit Bomb Cartoon trick card.

By the way, these new cards look a tad bit more glossy to me, compared to the last set. They look great. Each series looks better than the last, for sure.

number 12!

Any of them (except the Loop one). But I mostly want the Clyw pack, the One Drop pack, the Campfire, or the Wooly Marmot.

Any one of them I would love to get. I never win anything like that. I would like one of the packs just because it’s more, but anything would be cool.

Yeah, haha, I rarely win giant random contests like that. :stuck_out_tongue:

Sigh, why did they have to cancel iCarly :frowning:

YYJ slot for sure, I want that prototype so badly!!!

Soooooooo... anyone got anything yet besides regular cards?  By the way, does anyone know how many cards there are altogether and what chance everyone has got?
I think I might have worked something out but I'm not sure.  On the trading card check list in tiny letters just underneath the Legend part of the check list, it says that there is a 1 in 100 chance of getting one of the 3D cards and since there are 3 cards, this means there must be at least 300 cards to collect.  I'm not exactly sure if it really means there are 100 cards with 1 of them among them that are 3D cards.  I'm also not sure if they mean packs or separate cards because there are 3 cards in 1 pack but if it is cards then we all have a 1 in a 33.33 chance.  ;D

When does YYE start shipping orders with the cards? Did they start adding them already? Or will they start early in 2013?

The blog indicates 65 cards to collect in this series. They started shipping. I got 3 packs in my last order. The trick card is new too, of course, and details all the cards in tne series. Very similar to how the last one was designed. You’ll like this series, even more than the last.

#4 for sure

Definitely one of the CLYW prizes, but I would take the the giftcards also. :slight_smile: :wink: ::slight_smile: 8)