what would you do?

what would you do if you got the 100 dollar gift certificate in a pack of the yoyo trading card things?
or if you got the 50 dollar one?
or the 25 dollar one?

if i got the 100dollar one i would buy some yoyo accesories like some more k pads and another kk bearing or maby alot of string.
if i got the 50 dollars i would get a pgm and some string.
25 dollars probobly some more dice stacks (rice stacks)

what would you do?

$25= zstacks and some counterweights
$50= ProtoStar or DM
$100= some CLYW yoyo or a DNA/G5

$100 - Mayhem
$50 - New Breed
$25 - FHZ

$100 pay the difference and get a skyline
$50 strings and a couple of bearings
$a loop 720

nice things anymore people! ;D