What should I get?

I have a $100 gift certificate, what should I get?

Something that will cost you no more than $100 when shipped unless you don’t mind spending the difference.

Without knowing more, that’s the best anyone can answer.

Is the oxy io good?

Get more than one, maybe a supernova 2 c3 halos, protostar and northstar, 888x, yoyojam Trinity. MANY CHOICES. Just add up favorites to fit near $100 or save some until something rare, special editions. Also the severe and celecon FHZ.

Add $20
I would really just like one really good throw.


What are your preferences? Are you looking to get just a yoyo, or accessories, string, ect?

You need something…

Dude, I make string.

Maybe some monkeysnot… But there out if snot. I mean stock. I have my eye on the new Ava and gnarwhal.(or wrath)

Those are great choices. However, I can’t help you unless I know your preferences. Heavy, light, fast, floaty, solid, ect.

He’s immature… He thinks that stuff is hilarious…

I’m a big fan of Side Effect equipped throws. OD Code1, Code2, Cascade, Dietz, Toxic HazMat and Eternal Throw Victory are all really nice. Which one is best is a matter of preference.

If you don’t care for SEs then the Burnside and Werrd Hour are a great players at cheaper price point. The Werrd Irony JP is also a fantastic performer, up there with the $180+ Japanese throws.

But really there’s so many options you should really go with something that appeals to you most.

We still haven’t gotten any useful information from the OP other than he makes string. I would think one who makes string would have some better ability to choose or share information so others can assist better.

Look, basically, any full metal $50 or more has high hopes of making you happy. You’re adding $20 to that, so that gives you more to work with, a $120 budget. Not bad! There’s truly too many choices. With $120, you get great YYF’s, YYJ’s, nearly any One Drop, some CLYW and some other fantastic stuff. Don’t feel you need to spend the whole chunk either. There’s amazing stuff UNDER $100, some of which I wish YYE could keep in stock, such as the RecRev Facade and Freq.Wave. They tried, but they only go so many and they sold out. Good luck finding these anywhere except BST.

If you want some fast suggestions:
GSquared Albatross or Nessie.
Square Wheels Royale
Eternal Throw Victory
RaYoYo Chupacabra
CLYW Gnarwal and Avalanche.
C3 DiBase, Capless, Trident
YYJ Next Level
YYF Superstar, MVP(I don’t like the MVP2), Equilateral, Roll Model and many others.
One Drop anything… all their stuff is under $120. Hot models are the Code 2 and Cascade, but the Code 1 is also excellent. Actually, everything they make is excellent.

I can’t list more. I’m tired. Too much good stuff.

More floaty, light…

Maybe add one more $20

So 140$?

Yep, birthday money is still coming in.

Get an Avalanche

Ok, maybe I need a poll.