Christmas for my boyfriend


My boyfriend has been yoyoing for the last month, he said he used to do it before we met a few years ago and has since picked it back up. He’s been using a YoYoFactory Whip, it’s blue and white so it might be special.I’ve heard him talk about “One Drop” yoyos, so I thought I’d surprise him for christmas :-*, any reccomendations for this? he really likes the string tricks. I thought I’d ask you guys since this is YoYoExpert ;D


You didn’t indicate any price range you are looking to stay within. You mentioned One Drop and their Code 2 is an very popular yoyo that will run you $100-$115. That would sure a nice surprise for me to find under the tree this Christmas! However that certainly is not the only player on the court. To start listing some would be a disservice to others not mentioned. Perhaps looking through the “Shop” section and coming back with more specific questions on different throws might be a route to go.

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Make his life and get him a Code 2.

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I’d recommend the Code 1 or 2, I love them both, then I’d suggest the Cascade if you want something a bit less expensive.

All three will be a totally different experience from what he’s playing now.

Good luck!


Code 2 changed my life when my girlfriend got it me for my birthday. They’ve just brought in some new colours as well that I, personally, would kill to get my hands on.


Well, that is really nice of you, I’m sure he will be really happy! Onedrop is a great brand (and yes… I do realize that $100 is a lot to spend on a YOYO, but you know, always use the right tool for the job, and all that…) and the Code 2 is one of my favorite yoyos. However, if you want some less expensive ideas, you could look at the capless by C3 yoyo design ($65), which i do not own, but have heard is amazing (and is a similar shape to the whip, so that might help). You could also look at the Yoyojam trigger ($30), which is an amazing yoyo, but i would recommend buying a SPEC/ Center trac (and yes that is how they spell it i believe) bearing. Those are both available in the shop section on this website, but they are not really necessary.


The Capless is a great yoyo, but not shaped like the Whip.

I think if you really want to score big points, get either of the two One Drops mentioned earlier in the thread: Code 2 or Cascade. I can imagine he’d love getting either! They’re the same price (Cascade isn’t less expensive!).

Less expensive that people seem to love is the Cafe Racer. It’s small in size, so not quite as all-purpose as the other two, but I can’t imagine anyone would complain about getting a Cafe Racer. :slight_smile:


The Whip is inexpensive and fun. Amazing bit for $10.

One Drops are expensive and fun. We’re talking like $100+

The top One Drops seem to be the Code 2, Cascade and Code1, and I think in that order. All are amazing. These yoyos have this feature called “Side Effect”, which go into the middle of the yoyo. These are of different shapes, but that equates to different weights. With the different weights, you can affect the performance. This is not a necessary purchase item, as any One Drop yoyo using these will have a set pre-installed.

Now, the Burnside, another One Drop, costs around $85. It’s like a Code 2 without the Side Effects, which drives the price down. While the configuration is “fixed”, it’s still an amazing yoyo oriented around high performance and competition. This should not be ignored. I do like the Code2 better, but seriously, the Burnside is just as amazing.

The Dang is nice too.

You might to see if you can extract some more information out of him to see what he’s interested in.

Now, to change the topic a little. the above mentioned yoyos are “full sized”.

The following are smaller: Dietz, Markmont Next and Cafe Racer. I think the Y-factor is as well. I’m trying to have the funds available to get a Y-Factor

People have preferences. Shapes, sizes and weights, as well as performance characteristics. Again, see what additional information you can get.


It would ruin the surprise if he had an account here lol. I’m selling a One Drop 54, but there are a lot of other options. For his first One Drop yoyo, I would go for something cheaper and buy him a One Drop Dingo or Cafe Racer. If you really want to make his day, buy him one of the higher end One Drops, such as the Code 2, Cascade, Code 1, Dietz, Dang, or a 54.


Surprise him by not getting him anything 8).



Wow. What a girlfriend. I might be a little assuming there but I thought it was implied.

Moving forwards, as mentioned, what budget are we talking about here? Getting a One Drop is probably too expensive, but If you are willing, then I will in no way stop you from doing so. The only One Drop that I own and have tried is my M1, and its not as stable as some of my other throw but it is still one of my favorites. I have my plans regarding buying the Cascade or the Code II though.


Depending on what budget you’re on my recommendations would be the Cafe Racer ($60), Burnside ($85), and the CODE 2 ($100). Can’t really go wrong with a One Drop but at the end of the day, I think the fact that you’re supporting one of his passions is what will make him happiest.



Who cares about budget?! It’s a gift, don’t get ur bf a budget gift. Go all out and buy every one drop there is. You can say you couldn’t decide which one to get so you got them all. I bought my wife a $6g engagement ring, and I did not think it was worth it, but she likes it and that’s all it matterS. Happy holidays!

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Ummmmm yeah… So, anyway, this is always an option:


I’ve never really been a fan of gift certificates. They strike me as being impersonal.



I agree with Yuki on this. Gift certificates always strike me as, “I wasn’t really willing to invest any time to shop and pick something out just for you, so I just got you this to get me off the hook.”

I’d rather receive a $10 gift than a $50 gift certificate.


I usually discourage people from buying me gifts. I am a very picky person about things. I would feel bad if I got a gift I would not use (very likely). A gift certificate would be best for me, unless someone took me shopping to pick out what I like. If it is the “thought that counts,” it’s fine with me, but if I will not use it, it just seems like a waste of money. For that reason, I tend to give people those credit cards with money on them so they can spend the funds anywhere. I buy a few of those at Xmas time and…done. I am the person Banjo is talking about :smiley: If my family complain about it, they will get nothing the next time, and it will get even more impersonal than before :smiley: The gift certificate is better than nothing and that’s all they get.

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I figure better a gift certificate than a yoyo that never gets played.

If it was a Walmart gift card I’d find it impersonal. I think in this case, it’s just a safe bet and will still be received with joy and gratitude.


Okay, alright, I surrender! Gift certificates may be perfectly acceptable gift choices in particular situations for certain folk.

Totalartist & Waylon, I will send back the Ti5’s I picked out for you this Christmas and get a couple of $25 gift certificates instead.


Gift certificates are a catch 22 for me: I love to get them, because I know I’ll buy exactly what I want with them, but I HATE to buy them, because I feel like its the lazy way out. In the end, a gift is a gift and its the thought behind it that counts.