$100 gift card

If you had a hundred dollar gift card to yoyoexpert and could not buy any yoyo after you spent it what would it be?

Delrin SEVERE and Dv888. Both black. Than id have a great plastic and metal

cascade or Code 2

why do you ask? did you win the $100 gift card?

You couldn’t get either one of those throws with a $100 gift card. Shipping?

i would pay that with cash.

No it has to be within the gift card

I think OP wanted to know what we could get with a $100 gift card alone. I could be wrong though

alright then. Macrocosm.


I would wait for some “spend $100 or more and get 10% off sale” and then buy a Code 2 or Cascade or Macrocosm

Super Nova and some extra bearings

That would be kind of tough since most of the stuff I want is over that price point. A few models I am interested in and will be getting would be the Duncan Echo and C3 Capless, but together, they are over that number. Maybe one and some additional Classics, then stock up on string and accessories to hit the numbers.

I agree with you. One thing too many people do is spend all their money on the actual yoyo itself and forget that a cheaper yoyo with the addition of a good bearing will in my opinion do a lot better. You also need string, and lots of it



Yeah3 with a konkave bearing.