I have $100, what yoyo should I get ?


Btw I am already getting the mystery box so don’t say that :stuck_out_tongue:


A mystery bag :wink:

But seriously get a macrocosm they are amazing

(SR) #3

Step 1: Don’t listen to anyone else’s post but this one.
Step 2: Get a OD Code 2.
Step 3: Enjoy Godly play.


Get a Code 2.


Get a Code 2.


Get a Code 2.


Dang it. Posted it 3 times by accident. But I think you get the point. Get a Code 2.


Code 2. Is good/amazing/gift from god/or Allah/or whoever/happiness in a throw.


Get a mystery box.




Hahaha, the description to this post was literally 1 sentence long…How could you not read it to know not to write a mystery box…?


Get a mystery bag.


I’d say cascade… but I’ve never used a code 2 so what do i know?


Cacade is also awesome, but I think the Code 2 has wider appeal. I have both. My choice for just casual play is the Cascade. When I want to kick it up a notch, Code2. I do like the Code2 better, but that’s just my preferences.

Others near $100 are the Eternal Throw Victory. I think the GSquared offerings are just outside your budget. Square Wheels Royale is another pleaser for sure but may be over budget.

Don’t feel you need to spend $100. RecRev Facade and Freq. Wave, C3’s DiBase and Capless are also fantastic. One Drop’s Burnside is also incredible.

Never feel you have to use up the whole budget. There’s a lot of really amazing “moderately” priced stuff on the market.


I have the one drop 54 and I think that’s a great yoyo.


just ordered a blue code 2 i know i made a very good choice

(Owen) #17

General Yo Majesty.

There you go.

Ok, now a mini review aboot it: it is a full sized Yoyo, made of 7075 aluminum alloy, and has beastly spikes.

Spin time: This Yoyo spins as ling as you need it to; for instance, I can do a minute long combo without having to return it to my hand.
So if you’re worried about spin time, worry not about this Yoyo.

Now I’ll just do a pros and cons thingy:

Stable like ****
Very long spin
Has spikes, so you can matador like a boss
Can play fast or slow.
Is a competition throw.
Is awesome.
Can play horizontal very well.
Can grind great.

Nothing I cam think of at the moment… But I’ll try to find SOMETHING wrong with it. Even though there isn’t anything :wink:

And I’m not really sure why everyone likes the code two so much, when I tried it I hated it.


noooooo!!! you shouldve bought a one drop cafe racer. or another good choice would have been the yoyojam darkmagic II