A few yoyo questions :D


Hey there! Iv been yoyoing and about 4 months now and love it. I have a few quick questions!

  1. I already have two yoyos (DM2 by YYJ and a YYJ classic with all the parts replaced). Im going to be getting a new yoyo, im thinking either cascade or code 2? Any recommendation? Also, what kind of replacement parts should i order with either of those yoyos? (Like the silicon rings i need for my dm2)

  2. Okay, so i can do revolutions and i can do gyro flop, but how do you do that trick where you kind of do both together and spin the yoyo while its twisted on its axis?

Thanks guys! ;D


1: Well, the Code2 and Cascade are very different. Amazing, just different. I like the Code2 better but I have been spending a lot more time recently with the Cascade. Parts? Well, you can get the One Drop Flow Groove responds pads, they are like 4 pads for a set, so 1 spare set should last you a good long time. If you’re into tweaking, you can get different side effects.I prefer my Code2 with disc side effects. The stock premium One Drop 10 Ball is nice, but you may wish to experiment with bearings. I recently swapped the bearing in my Burnside for a Trifecta. Woo! That thing plays so much better now. I’m not pushing Trifectas. I’ve had fantastic results with KK’s, Crucial Grooved and Centertracs as well as other flats(YYE, YYJ, YYF, Terrapin X with or without wing cut).

2: No clue. I’m not that good. I can do gyro flops sorta, but that horizontal pay is beyond me for now. I think the shape of the Cascade might be better for this kind of play, but I’m not sure. I know the Code2 can handle it. You may wish to look at C3 for yoyos designed for this style of play. I mention them since they are in the same price bracket and is also quality stuff.


That trick sounds cool


It is. I, too, am trying to find it, I’ve seen it too.


Code 2 is amazing


Is he talking about tether?


nope. It’s TONS flashier.


Both very different yoyos. I prefer the feel of the CODE 2 in play and find it to be a bit more stable than the Cascade but I also love how comfortable the Cascade’s shape is (not to mention how sleek it looks). Biggest deciding factor here is size preference. If you prefer something slightly undersized, go with the Cascade. If you prefer something slightly oversized, go with the CODE 2. You’ll need some replacement One Drop’s flow groove pads (but not for a while because they seem to last forever) and maybe grab some different side effects to try out as well.

As for the trick, I wish I could help!



Don’t get a one drop yet. Dm2 dv888 or raptor are good choices


He already has a DM2. And do get a OD, they are awesome and you will have it for a long time.



It looks like you have already set your mind in buying either one of them. I have a code 2, and I love it, I was originally deciding to buy a cascade though. Hard choice. I think you’re good with either of them though. That said, I would go with what design you like better.

I’ll suggest a 100 pack string, replacement pads OR flowable silicone, and a centering bearing if you’re bothered by flats. I run my code 2 with OD 10 ball though and its good for me. Some side effects would be nice try one lighter then one heavier than the stock SE, so you can compare what would fit your style more.

As for the trick, sorry, I don’t have an idea regarding that. Maybe a video of where you saw it would help?


I’ve seen better tutorials before, but couldn’t find them, here’s some ok ones for similar concepts:
Not really a tut, but good trick: