I have 25$ to spend, I dont want string or cheap(ish) plastics.


I have 25$ in YYE Gift Certificates that I won recently, but I don’t know how to spend it, I was thinking of buying a T-shirt, but I dont know, Please help me out here if you can, Thank!

Have a great day!



C3 alpha crash is always a nice option :stuck_out_tongue:


YYJ surge is a surprisingly nice plastic for the price (16.50)


I hear the speedaholic is good. But you can always buy bearings or go save it to get a nicer Yoyo In the future.


Stocking up on bearings and response would be a good idea.

I know you don’t want strong but maybe buying a few things of “boutique” string (toxic, yysl, twisted) would be nice.


x2. Some good OD 10 balls would be a great buy.

(Bína) #7

Maybe combination of C3 Speedaholic and YYJ Classic?

Also, just 5$ more is full metal Yoyofficer Kilter :slight_smile:


This is the best suggestion so far.


Save it up. Have $25 off your next yoyo


Save your gift certificates, save a little more money, ask questions and look around for what you really want.


So I decided what I’m buying, I bought my mom a YoYoMOM T-Shirt and I had enough left to buy myself 4 response pads!


That’s cool that you were thinking about your mom. I bet she would be very happy that you used your money to get her something. Good job! :slight_smile: