Splurging help

I got some cash to spend from Xmas and New Years, approx 175. What should I get? One pricey yoyo or a couple nice budgets?

Or how about no yoyos and 5 Kendama USA Pro models! Thats one of each color and then 1 more!

I would go for a pricey, but sometimes a good promotion price will let you buy two great yoyos. A pricey would always be my first choice.

Get a wrath and a freq. wave off the BST and then thank me after

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Get a 100$ one and 75$ one.

I would go for a code 2 and a freq wave

I second this. Wraths are great, and I hear freq waves too.

Depends what you’re after.

You can get a variety of killer plastics for that price, including 3A pair, 5A throws and even a 2A pair and an offstring.

Don’t feel the need to spend the whole chunk. You should get 1 or 2 100-count 100% poly string bundles regardless. You can never have too much string.

If I were you, I’d get either a CLYW or wait for a Majesty.

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YYR. once you go there you won’t be able to go back.

If you want a Majesty, I know of ONE left. The very last Purple Mountain Majesty. I’ve been following the sales of them from beginning till the end and this is the last one.

PM me if you want a link.

P.S. Sorry if I’m pushing the majesty too hard to all you people, I just wanna make sure that they stay in the community :slight_smile:

BTW, 75 of the 175 is in YYE gift certificates…

Should I get an Ava?

Yeeeesssss! It is amazing! Perfect grinds and thumb grinds. I got mne to sleep 2:58! It is great! You won’t regret it.


Glad someone else thought of that first! * high five*

I would go for and Ava and a c3 halo that way you get two high performing yoyos of two materials

But I already have 4. But all are OG. Go for a new Ava? Also, how about Ava plus Severe?

oh well in that case for a dark sonic or an equilateral something with a different a shape then add either a halo, a v ,or a severe

send me an OG ava. then you’ll only have 3 and can buy a comeback ava with no regrets.

I think I’ll be the odd man out. Do you have a cascade? If not, then consider it. If not that, a spyy maybe? How about a supernova?