Need help

Hello I have my Bday comin up and my parents say they will buy me one yoyo of my choice. The maximum money that can be spent is 130$.could someone please give me some suggestions

Get a Code 2.

I think it is the best yoyo of the year, and you can change its weight with varying side effects. Because you can change its weight, that means it can be made to play perfectly for your style, you just have to buy the corresponding side effects.

Already have one :confused:

Details my friend! We can’t assit you if you don’t give us better information.

What do you have?
What do you like?
What don’t you like?
Finish preferences?
Size preferences?
Interested in anything special at the moment?

We can’t help you until you help us a bit more.

Nice try Shadowz!

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Buy whatever looks cool and throw it.

If you don’t have a Super G get one! ( IMO) I love the play of it! It’s so smooth!

What are you looking for? Preferences?

$130 is a lot, or not enough. Usually it’s more than sufficient and you’ll have change left over.

Without more information, odds are you can do just fine with a Capless, Freq. Wave or a Burnside and not have any worries or regrets and have not even cracked $100.

im looking for something with hubstacks regular size i have super nova code 2 and freq.wave


It’s always great when people offer up information. Kinda wish they’d do this in the first post.

Get an Epic.

Thank me later. Or send me the leftover money.

The Superstar would be a nice fall-back as well. About the same price I think. I have both. The Epic is a bit loud, but performance is amazing. The full stacks are awesome. I could care less about the noise, it’s just part of it’s character, and since the play is amazing, I wouldn’t change a thing! The SuperStar needs Z-Stacks to really come to life for stacked play.

I enjoyed my Epic, but I think that’s only because I got it for $40. The TA-TAs are a bit like Communism - only a good idea on paper. To me, they made the yoyo sound like a cougar defending her young.

I’d get the new Champion Collections Genesis. Full-size, hubstacks, PERFECT anno (solid black), and killer graphics. And it probably plays ok too.

I absolutely completely agree with that statement. Well, maybe not. I think it may be louder and noisier than a cougar. Well, depends. There’s some rather loud and crank old hags in my area…
(woops, wrong topic…)

The Magic Yoyos SCREAM when you grab the stacks.

I still say Epic. I didn’t care for the Genesis. Just a matter of preferences, that’s all.

Although I haven’t played an Epic, I’d suggest that or the YYF Grind Machine. Hubstacks are fun, but it isn’t really something that gets serious at any point in time. They can be used, and the innovation of them will eventually, and already has, lead to some pretty cool stuff.

I absolutely enjoy my 888x, but I’m much happier with the hubstacks taken off.