Oops re-doing my question

What would you buy Id you had over $300 to spend on yoyoexpert?

50 yyf multi tools.

ti5 if they were in stock

Unfortunately, I usually pretty much just give in and buy whatever I want when it comes out. So, nothing more at the moment. When the Avalanche and Puffin release, those.

Getting most of the sOMEThING yoyos that I can buy :]
If not, grab myself lots of loopers, Kitty String, and other yoyos that I want.
I got everything.

…or I can just save them until a good deal comes up :smiley:

And seems like when you reworded your question [didn’t see the initial post], I’ll assume that you won the contest from the other store. Congrats.
There are lots of yoyos there in stock, give those lesser-known manufacturers a try :]

I would trade the gift certificates to some kid for cash and prototype my own yoyo… ;D

I would get a Cascade and Code 2. Throw just a tad more of my own cash in and get a chief.

Comeback Avalanche, Puffin or two, kitty strings, center trac bearings.

25 YYF Ones
3 bundles of bulk string

Then I’d always carry a couple in my pockets to give away to kids who stop to watch me while I’m messing around outside… I’d also give them 10 poly’s and direct them to YYE to learn tricks.

I wish I could actually do this @_@.

Any really nice yoyo I wouldn’t have bought otherwise. Whenever I have over a hundred dollars I’m definitely not going to spend it on yoyos.

An Anglam by sOMEThING

I would get an el ranchero, puffin, and like 200 kitty strings.

Cascade is also on my list, but im getting that from my local hobby shop, so that is why i didnt put it on my list.

Wait for Puffins to come out. Unless the store is out of YYR.

thay would be awesome…

Di Base Yoyo
A yyf multi-tool
A Yoyo expert glove
CYXL chief
Yoyos expert 7 compartment Yoyo carrier
YYF 888x
YYF protostar
Every Yoyo I could ever want

Code 1
Glacier express
Yoyo case
100 strings

2012 Clash

GE, and CB avalanche when released.

cyxl lol sorry i had to… anyways

a CLYW glacier express or yyf avant garde 2
rockstar 2012
onedrop markmont next
yyf boss
speeder 2
and much more…

I’d get a YYR, and a drop bear