Oh, same here. Except there were never any threads for me to be a jerk in.

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Even though it’s only 5 days it’s still pretty crazy around here.

Permabanned is a fusion of “Permanently” and “Banished”.

Can someone explain to me exactly why he was banned?
Also, this forum has been sketchy lately. But, I’m not a fan of the other forum. Tried but or some reason I didn’t like it. I’ll stick with yoyoexpert where I belong, as long as all this bull doesn’t escalate to a higher extent, anyhow.

If all of the discrimination and such continues on here, the creep might go byebye :confused:


He tried to get around the censor. But hey get on our skype chat! It’s pretty fun there.

I do not want to rely on any speculation about member status. But, in regard to YoyoSpirit, he is indeed a talented young guy, who has been extremely generous recently on the forum. He donated two great recessed FHZs to N.H. Yo-yo Club. He also cut an axle for Supbreh’ free of charge. Huge Andre Boulay fan like me. I enjoyed his posts prior to all this. I hope that we will hear from him very soon. While no one is perfect, let’s try to follow the rules.

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Yeah definitely. I hope he sticks around after his ban is over.

Just so you guy’s know the reasoning behind the ban is between us and him. It wasn’t for just one altercation either. We don’t ban for someone using a censored word. More than one on the other hand will get you kicked. we do not act on feelings. We act on Andre’s set of rules. We do his bidding. We try to keep this place from being a war zone. A lot of times when you guy’s uprise against us because of someone you like getting banned, we seem to take it as an attack on us. It happens a LOT and none of you know what it’s like seeing all of the reported posts about bannable things. Our email’s get flooded of rule breaking everyday. It’s not like we find someone that has done something wrong and automatically kick them. Usually we discuss what action to take. We aren’t here to make your lives on the net miserable. We are here to uphold the rules. That is all.


Ok. Understood.

And I understand that most of you have the intentions of keeping the forum sane. It just kind of got mixed up in the drama.

I am usually on the other end of the spectrum. I tend to wish the mods were even more strict. I have to be honest, that if I was a mod, and I locked several threads in the same section, regarding the same subject matter, over a period of several days, I would consider those locks notice that the topic should not persist on the forum. I would post a new rule, and then anyone continuing to start new threads along those lines would be dealt with. I believe they have been quite lenient in this regard. Some of us think they have been more than patient. I think they tried to accommodate everyone, but things got out of control.

I think it’s Vegabomb who posts in blue when he handles business. I like that…blue, like the forum police laying down the law. I can dig it. The forum is indicative of society. We would not need laws if everyone acted accordingly and in consideration of others. We would not need all these forum rules if everyone acted accordingly and in consideration of others. The more people are inconsiderate, the longer the list of rules gets over time. I can think of 20 rules right now this forum could use, so I think everyone has been lucky so far.


wow. its quite obvious now. i failed!

@totalartist - Thanks for that well thought out post. It’s appreciated.

As far as this goes… I kind of “borrowed” the blue thing from jhb8426. ::slight_smile:

I use it the same way he does. To let the original poster know why his or her post was altered/modified. The blue is just so it’s obvious.

No problem. It was a necessary post. I figured you guys just chose a random color that worked, but I kind of chuckle that it happens to be blue. :smiley: I was thinking, “forum police.” I thought it was a cool way of letting someone know something was improper. The blue is working in my opinion. I think the mods have been more than patient.

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I’m not a brony, and I don’t know the guy who’s been banned, but regarding enforcing the rules to keep the forum civilized this has in all honesty gotten a bit out of hand. You don’t lock an entire thread, which from what I’ve seen has acted as an entire separate community within our own because of the actions of one, or a few individuals. Did the people breaking the rules even get a warning? It would have been much more logical to warn them, then delete the posts in which they were breaking the rules.

Hmmm… Drama in the yoyo community…something I hoped never to see

I hope you wont take this the wrong way, Gnarwhally, but your post is an example of the sort of presumption we’d love users to avoid here at YYE - the assumption that moderators act rashly and illogically and lash out severely at anyone who even thinks about breaking the rules.

The people who received bans today have all received multiple warnings and have been moderated again and again. In some cases, they’ve received 1 to 3 day bans after other previous warnings about inappropriate language, posting sexual images, intentionally breaking the rules, engaging in flame wars, etc., and are today receiving a 2nd, 3rd, or 4th ban.

Let’s give all of this a break for a while. We’re really getting nowhere with these threads and it seems to me a good idea to just let things cool down.


This will be the last smack to this dead horse, but I think it worth noting so that everyone has a sense of how reluctant moderators typically are to drop the banhammer. One of the users in question has more than 5% of their posts activity in the moderator deleted thread. That means that one out of every 20 posts that person has made has required some sort of moderation. Just something to consider.

That said, let me repeat the request that we all just relax, go throw yoyos, and let this all simmer down.