YYE Luxuries

I was thinking, it would be nice if YYE did some few favors that aren’t really necessary but cool and nice to have.

I have a couple ideas in mind so ill go first:

It would be nice if YYE added a B/S/T section to the shop, set it up with a “Trade/Buy” option and monitor the discussion and shipping(that way we can avoid scammers)

It would also be nice if they had an occasional “Just for the Heck of it” sale.

It would also be nice to add a “bump” option on a BST post, then lock the thread until the next day, or do an auto-bump daily, that way no one can bump a post or post in a B/S/T more than once.

I have a few more that I will post later on (if this thread starts up a discussion)

In what way would this ferret out scammers? Please explain. And adding it to the store is not a good idea. It’s a service of the forum and not part of the store.

Sure would!!!

The board software doesn’t have a function like that. YYE does not develop the software used for the forums.


1.) Staff from YYE can monitor the shipping and make the two members accept to an agreement, I really doubt scammers would go through all the trouble just for a used/modded throw. Adding it to the store might be helpful to nonmembers. Plus, it would make searching for throws on BST a lot easier. And it might also help those who are looking for specific brands that YYE doesn’t carry.

2.) YYE has an ok amount of sales but there is that time of year where its boring, there’s no holidays,etc. why not spice it up for yoyo players by sound a random sale :).

3.)well the auto bump would be kinda tricky especially if all the posts bump at the same time. But there’s always that “bump button” option that I suggested. Or YYE can also lock the BST thread to people that didn’t make the post(i don’t know if its confusing you so let me get to the point. It only allows access to the member that made the post).

As stated before, these would be sweet things to have, but they are not necessary, please do not stress in trying to veto something.

About the Bump thing, What Jhb is saying is that the Forum framework used, doesn’t actually allow things like this. The only way you could do it is if you set up a moderator to watch the b/s/t all 24/7 and lock the owner of the thread from the thread for 24hrs once bumped.

I guess you didn’t read the memo

what jacky said was right. if you want a feature like that added, take it up with simple machines forum.

also, how the b/s/t bumping and selling works just fine. There’s not much difference between posting “bump” and hitting a button that does the same thing. And I’m not sure why we’d want it easier for non members to buy from the b/s/t. Being able to look at a person’s feedback is vital. Plus it only takes maybe a minute tops to make an account.

I agree with the sales though. I love when stuff goes on sale. :smiley:

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Speaking as a layman here…
First off, it’s not in the business interest of YYE to list BST items on the store page. It would be counterproductive. They are in the business of selling new items. The fact that they allow it on the forum is as a favor to the members. If they were in the consignment business and got a percentage, then maybe, but that would require a lot of administrative overhead for the store.

Second, there is an implicit agreement already in place when you use the BST. Scammers disregard that totally. What would make them honor it just because it’s a store policy? If you made a fair use policy and people had to click the “Agree” button before posting would have no effect at all. It’s easy to click the button and never intend to follow through.

Really the only (sort of) sure way of avoiding scams is to do the trades/sales through a neutral 3rd party. Both parties send their stuff to the middle man. When he gets the goods and the payment, only then does he forward those to the parties involved. This involves a lot of overhead and basically doubles the shipping costs.

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Came here to say this.

It’d be like going into a car dealership and having the salesman hand you a list of people trying to sell used cars.

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Boxing Day was a just for the heck of it sale.

In case a few things have been over looked:

  1. Free forum
  2. Allow bst
  3. stick it, click it
  4. trading cards/stickers
  5. The time and energy

I appreciate all YYE does for us. The great thing is, the forum and bst are free to everyone, even those that have never done business with YYE. That’s generous!


Yeah but it’s only for CLYW. I don’t really throw CLWY I only throw YYJ.

YYJ is great, but you’re missing out a whole bunch.

Get an Ac. Now.

Just bought A Titan3 and I love it. I’m loyal to YYJ without one of YYJ’s Members, Grant Johnson, I would have never got into yoyoing. Sorry, I live and breathe YYJ. I have all their shirts, the Takeshi Dice, the YYJ Bag, I’ll buy anything with the name “YoyoJam” on it. Now if only I could get all their yoyos.

I;m just saying, try a CLYW.

I love YYJ stuff myself, but I’ve found a lot of satisfaction in other brands as well.

I’ll pass. Thanks anyway :).

We are really getting off topic.

Yeah, funny how that happens…

It’s not Andre’s fault you have an unhealthy brand loyalty.

I have a “Fever” if you know what I mean ;). I also have a Titan3 but I can’t use it in a “punny” sentence.