2013 Black Friday at YoYoExpert

Check back Thursday evening at 10 PM EST for a Black Friday Sales event announcement!

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I think i should just tell you guys my paypal password so I won’t have to go through the checkout process anymore.

Lol. These sales are awesome first the mystery boxes now this!

I love you guys

Can’t wait to see the deals :slight_smile:

Will the sale start at 10pm or announced at 10pm?

The OP says:

ya i know but announcement could mean start too.

either way cant wait!

Likewise! Can’t wait!

And when the sale is announced, all these other yo-yo stores will be scrambling to step their sales game up. :wink: I’m ready to spend some loot. Bring it on!

By the way, I just left the OP feedback, for kicks. We had a transaction this week. His feedback was too low, and I wanted to be #10. Now, at least he can qualify for a gift exchange or something. :smiley:

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llol :wink:

Don’t see the point in a sale when your servers can’t hold up to the traffic. It’s like trying to find the golden ticket, lol.

Yay! I haven’t ordered a new yoyo since 4th of july sale LLOL :wink:

Sold a few old yoyos, made some muny kidz, so I can purchase a high end yoyo…

cant wait for this sale

Im picking up a Yoyo officer Aura, which will be my christmas present, as well as some string.

a summit is calling me! :wink:

The servers can handle normal traffic fine. The Black Friday sale won’t crush the servers.

Although, if the sale is THAT great, I hope it comes mighty close… :wink: If the sale is the same as last year, it’ll be excellent. If it’s even better, it’ll blow my mind!

I’m going to hint to my parents that there will be a sale. And I could use a dang and some black string

Exactly one month in the making :smiley:

yep had to get a dang sometime.

Sooooo pumped!!


LOLOL :o :o