Cyber Monday on Yoyoexpert

Anyone planning to order some yoyos from this sale? Any decent deals, dissapointed in the sale, share your thoughts on this page about the sale.

They are some great package deals. But, the trouble I’m running into, is that I often have 1 of the 2 already. Even though it’s getting two yo-yos cheap, I don’t see a combo of 2 that I’ve really been looking for. I lucked out Cyber Monday last year though.

I’m sure these deals will be perfect for a parent who needs to buy for two kids, and wants a 2 for 1 type of deal. They make great Christmas presents. If you have kids to buy for, it’s a great thing to take advantage of.

I wrote to Andre, and told him specifically what I planned to buy from him this week. I simply asked, based on that, if I was better off taking advantage of Black Friday, or waiting until Cyber Monday. He told me that Friday was the way to go. What a guy! :slight_smile:

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Same here. I want one here and one there, but none of the combos are for me. Oh well. I’ve spent over 2 bills already on 5 new yoyos. That should hold me over for a while.

Most the deals are decent but the only one that I have any actual interest in is the Yelets+Bape 2 which I think is fantastic. I can’t be certain but I feel like they are both throws that a decent amount of people would look at and think “that’s sort of neat” but pass because they aren’t tricked out huge competition oriented throws and this deal makes them a lot harder to resist.

HSpin Antipodes/Beyond Envy is such a great deal. So tempting. Been eyeing the Beyond Envy for years now. Oritron/Radian is also great. Probably won’t pull the trigger, unless anyone wants an Antipodes, i’d sell ya one for cheap just to keep the Envy lol.

So pretty:

Yeah that HSpin deal really does have my trigger finger itching. One of the first ‘high end’ metals I bought was an NVx and I adore that thing. Even in todays lineups I think it fares really well. But my only concern is having seen so many relatively average comments about the beyond envy. That and I too have spent my own weight in gold on yoyos the last few days, not to mention other xmas presents…

I’d buy the antipodes, been thinking of getting one anyway

Actually, what do people think of the Drop Bear/Trinity combo? That is the one I’ve been eyeing. But the Drop Bear is only 63 grams (a little light) and the Trinity is 69 grams (a little heavy). Anyone played either?

It looks like Andre once again suffered a traumatic head injury while deciding what to do for the Cyber Monday sales as there are there are some mind-blowing deals going on. Either that, or he’s delirious from lack of sleep of being a new parent.

I could use another Phenom, but I’m holding out and gonna put it all on the line for an AL7 Quake. I don’t care if it’s on sale or not.

I should get my regular check soon, so hopefully when that arrives, I can get the new CLYW’s, but those aren’t here.

One thing I will say is due to my buying, I really have pretty much all that I’m looking for. The other items I want are items I can pretty much pick up whenever, so I’ll most likely get those between New Years and CalStates to complete my wants lists.

Again, amazing deals at YYE. Buy now before Andre regains his sanity and puts things back to normal!

I like the idea of the trinity, but the drop bear seems all a little light and whimsical for me.

I’m the opposite. One of my top wants right now is a Pacquiao! :wink: The Drop Bear isn’t nearly so light and whimsical.

Really thinking of hitting up that phenom/speeder 2 deal. I’ve wanted a phenom for so long.

I don’t think I’ve ever heard one person say anything negative about the drop bear. I’m sure not everyone that has tried it likes it, I just haven’t read any negative comments about it. From what I hear it plays crazy good. I’d love to have one b/c it has everything going for it IMO. It’s manufactured by Foxland Precision, it’s got a wide catch zone and looks as if it would be more for competition play and at 63 grams, I’m sure it’s like Ricky Henderson on an 8-ball. The main reason I want one, however, is just b/c it’s flat out one of the best looking yoyos that’s ever been made. One day I will own one and I will also own a wet whistle. Really, really want one of those too. Wish they’d do a combo set like that.

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Why do the sales here always only include the yoyo’s that aren’t selling? I know it’s a way to move inventory but it’s kind of ridiculous that it’s mostly the inventory that isn’t selling well and a lot of that has to do with the fact that it’s older stuff. Not only that, the best yoyo’s out of all the ones on sale are paired with yoyo’s that most people wouldn’t buy by themselves. So there’s not one day here where all the newest, coolest, best yoyo’s are on sale for a killer price? I love sales and I love values and generally, I don’t care if a yoyo is older as long as it’s a good yoyo, but this is ridiculous. I know there’s a couple newer ones like the summit, yelets, tre, but those are still fairly old. Even if I want to take advantage of an older yoyo, I have to buy one with it that I don’t want. Is it really a good deal if it ends up being buy one get one free, but you didn’t want the other one? I would rather buy one that I want and get another one that I want.

??? the entire inventory was just 20% off for Black Friday

If they’re the newest and best, then there’s no reason whatsoever to lower the price as they’ll sell anyway. The only valid reason to put anything on sale from a business standpoint is because they aren’t selling.

Lower prices on popular items that would sell anyway = Money lost
Lower prices on unpopular items and sell out old stock = Money gained

Andre needs to put food on the table, keep a roof over his head, pay his employees, and pay for the rent on the YYE offices… he’s not going to willingly lose money purely for kicks.

Seems like once again their is either a small bug in the shop system or the calculations have been done incorrectly. Or maybe the wrong sales prices have been entered in the back end. Either way, the bundle comes up $1.98 more than advertised. My cart shows a total of $110.98 with those two added.

Also, the reduction is only 56% if you take the full price of the Antipode. If you take the currently reduced price of $49 you end up at 50% less with this bundle.

Still a great price, don’t get me wrong, and much cheaper than buying them outside of this sale.

Hmm. Will get it fixed. Not sure why. Thanks! And it was based on the original price of the Antipodes.

The Summit/Yelets deal is an absolute corker, worked out at nearly $80.00 off for me. Very tempted but I already spent enough money on yoyos on Friday. :stuck_out_tongue:

The Dropbear is great. I bought a prototype and my gf bought me the ten yoyo colorway as a 1 year anniversary gift.