Cyber Monday on Yoyoexpert

I agree. There was brand new stuff, just released, available for 20% off, and the entire catalog at that. Clearly Cyber Monday is moving some of the older stuff, but who cares how old the stuff is, as long as it has been on the list of things you’d like to try. As a collector, I spent most of last year buying so called “old yo-yos.” It suits people who don’t mind waiting until prices drop to try some great playing yo-yos.

You really don’t get it?

There are deals that are half off or more if you buy two yo-yos.

Half off.

Black Friday had twenty percent off a purchase of anything you wanted as long as the requirements were met.

Sounds like you’d prefer that the whole inventory was half off. :slight_smile:

Open a small business and get back to me. :wink:

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The only thing that is ridiculous is your refusal to grasp the reality that you amazingly stated in your rant.

You said >>> Sales, I know it’s a way to move inventory. <Exactly, Andre is having a ‘Sale’ to ‘move inventory’.

I know it’s a new and novel idea. I mean, except for the 50,000 other stores, nationwide, that have been engaging in the practice for the last 100 years.

I guess once Andre realized that he could not pay his bills with yoyos and his staff can’t pay their bills with yoyos, that he had to think of some neat way to ‘move some stock’ at up to 50 something percent off.

Sales are almost never good for everybody. Sales are good for those folks that want what is on sale. Because the current sale selection contains little to your liking, does not diminish the $ advantage others may recognize.

…another example of misaligned thinking, was just posted up in the One drop thread. Their new upcoming 3 yoyos in a series. Same diameter, same width, same weight. Different shapes. 60 bucks each, in solid colors, ‘with side effects’. So, if you bought all 3, it would cost 180 bucks. Good deal? Actually sounds like an Amazing deal ‘to me’.

But one of the guys chimes in and says, ‘If they made up a package deal where you buy 2 and get 1 free, they would sell a ton of them’. Lololol

And I bet if One Drop came up with a 'buy 1 and get 2 free, they would sell two tons of them. And if they had a buy none and get 3 free, they could move 3 tons of them.

Sadly, when it comes to money, no deal may sound good if it doesn’t jive with your financial plan.

There is only 1 Business in the United States where you can count on ‘Having it your way’. Burger King. That is their Slogan…‘Have it your way’.

Now the good news. Andre has considered the Ridiculous nature of his Cybersale.

He has decided to refile his Business as a Non Profit. He is going to sell All yoyos at cost, minus 5 dollars/free shipping/no tax/lifetime string/free upgrade to ceramic KK bearings. And if you are passing through his neighborhood, you can drop by his house for a free ham and eggs breakfast.

Effective immediately, all YYE employees will be moving in with Andre, youth hostel style. And Andre and Devon will be having a yard sale this weekend, to raise money to buy us all Large bowls of Jello.

No matter how many yoyos you eat, there’s always room for Jello.


So excited about the hspin deal. Been eyeing both yoyo but haven’t had money from former college payments. Now that I do and saw the beyond envy and antipod for so darn cheap I jumped and couldn’t be happier
“90% off all yoyos, just for you… sweet cheeks.”

If I had it my way they’d all close down and turn into Mcdonalds/KFC’s.

I agree @totalartist I believe that the mystery box is better. Not really interested in this sale but I spotted a decent deal. Supernova LTE and a One star for $50.00. Pretty good deal but after getting the mystery box I think I’ll wait for next year. :slight_smile:

It plays pretty heavy actually. Heavy and solid and smooth.

Need to survive less than 15 more hours without impulse buying a Bape2+Yelets…if the person I just PMed about selling my Viszilla is interested then I may not have a choice since owning the Viszilla is the only thing holding me back right now…then again I could own both and mix and match. Or get 2 Yelets and 2 Bape2s and make even more color combos. I need to stop thinking about this before I hurt my(bank account)self.

I got the trinity and dropbear, because every time I’ve tried it I love the dropbear and I’ve never owned a yyj full metal so why not :smiley:

Am I the only one that jumped on that crucial deal


That theory/Hitman deal. Wanted. Bad.

I got the Phenom and Speeder2…and was quite pleased with myself. The next day I saw the Summit and Yelets deal…frowned and scowled at myself for a couple hours. So I pulled the trigger on the double-barrel shotgun. I was quite pleased with my haul, but it felt like I had just gotten back from an all you can eat buffet. Happy but hating yourself because you are bloated and need to unbutton your pants to release pressure.

Told my wife I bought some yoyos after she told me she bought Quaker-factory sweaters. She asked how much the yoyos were, I retorted how much were the sweaters? She said $20 with a shifty look in her eyes, I said what a coincidence, that’s how much my mine cost. Win! Lol

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Sigh. I almost made it. Well, I actually did make it until 10am EST Thursday which is when the sale was supposed to end. Then I checked just now and saw the deals were still active and it looks like my Viszilla is probably going to be sold so now I have a Bape2 and silver unengraved Yelets on the way.