Cyber Monday Standouts


There are some great deals at YYE right now! It looks like many are yoyos that have been out for a while, and didn’t sell well for whatever reason. I’m sure many of them are great yoyos that can be had for super cheap.

I’m just not that familiar with most of them. I’d love to hear what you think are the standout deals in the sale right now?

Believe it or not, I’d like to kick it off with the Speed Dial. This was about a $40 yoyo, but as a B-Grade comes in at $20. During the Cyber “Week”, you can get it for $9.99. The B-Grade status is for ano.

I bought one for $20, two months ago, and it has been my EDC ever since. I like to play both responsive and unresponsive, and this one yoyo can easily switch between the two in seconds. I know it’s not for everyone, but I really love it, and it’s different from any other yoyo I own.

It is downright strange the first time you pick it up! Feels super cheap at first, and then that gives way to a sort of 50s space age toy feeling; which goes along with the art and packaging.

If you like to play responsive, or like yoyos that just have unique qualities for unresponsive play, <$10 is a great deal!


I think most of the yoyos that are up for sale right now (at least on the higher end of the spectrum) weren’t selling before because they’re relatively old and are now outdated for their price range.

A lot of them were previously $100+ monometals. At that price point, they just simply don’t stack up with the yoyos in that general price range of the last few years. With the oversaturation of yoyos produced over the past few years, along with the fact that more companies are choosing to machine their designs in China, the $100 monometals of 5 years ago just can’t compete with the recent options in those price ranges.

It doesn’t mean they’re bad yoyos, they’re just a little overpriced for the market of today.

As for what I think are the best deals out of the bunch, I think the Adegle Accel, 2sick Bishop, King Spin Chronicle, and of course the Benchmarks with the free side effect deal. Plus if you get 3 of the Benchmarks, you get a 4th one for free too!

The Diamont Noirs seem interesting too. I’ve always thought their designs were interesting but I didn’t want to dish out $100+ for them, and they never show up on the BST.


The YYJ Theory looks interesting.


I think I might just get one for myself! :slight_smile:


Benchmarks are definitely one of the nicest deals there. I got the very last o shaped 2013… I would also say the diffusion is a really nice one, it has that finger spin area similar to the Horizon so I bet its just as good as a Skyva for that sort of trick. I’d also say the t1 is a great opportunity, I tried one recently and it was great if you’d like an extra wide design. I almost missed a sale on, they were selling G5s, Dogmas, and Aluminum dreams for thirty dollars and Superstars for 45. The sales done now, but I would definitely keep an eye out around this time next year.


Rec rev 3rd gen would be the one I would look at personally. Love the first generation since the day I received it (3 years? 4?) and is still in my everyday throw rotation.


I’d like to get a doublejoker LF on Friday if they’re still around. I love my 2 other doublejokers


One Drop Benchmarks - Not much more to say. The 2013 and 2014 models play as well as they did back then. One Drop quality.

Whimsy Roar - This yoyo is a really nice budget option. It wasn’t released all that long ago either, just kind of got lost in the budget metal shuffle.

RecRev Octave - I’ve wanted one for a while but never picked one up because the mayhem surrounding the company soured me on their products. At $39.99 it’s hard to ignore.

Crucial Delicious, various SPYY and String Theory models - If you’ve never tried a yoyo from one of these three companies, this is a good price to do it at. They made some quality yoyos.

3YO3 Bassline 2 - A great old school design organic with the addition of side effects. I like this yoyo a whole lot, very satisfying to hit tricks on. Comes in a treasure chest.

Square Wheels Rex and Nomad - The Rex is a premium D bearing yoyo that looks and plays great. I’ve yet to try a Nomad, but GregP has said good things, and I find it hard to not recommend an organic.

2SickYoYos Bishop - 2Sick makes wonderful yoyos. This is a good price for a new condition model.


Anyone try a String Theory Orion? It looks like a nice yoyo.

I don’t understand how there are any OD throws left. That’s a killer deal.


I’ve wanted to own an Orion for the longest time purely because of the graphics lol


Yoyofactory Basecamp Sherpa🤓

Excellent: play, looks, price, design, fit and finish.

And versatile.

And the hollow body gives off a cool sound.

Responsive or unresponsive doesn’t matter much. It does either as well as you care to push it.

Has a great feel on the hand. Thin enough to tuck in a pocket.

Another solid release from YYF.


Well I guess it’d be asking too much for the Sherpa to be on sale! I probably should have gotten one on Black Friday. It’s on my short list. $55 seems very reasonable, especially considering the construction.


It’s worth it ( I second what yoyodoc wrote) I recently got the brown Sherpa. I like how it comes with two bearings and axle



Now is the time. I love the Orion. It has been one of my favorites for a long time. Elegant design and graphics, a bunch of rim weight, larger diameter, extremely comfortable feel (love those rounded rims), mid-wall gap for smooth regenerations.

To begin with, the blasted finish was a little rough and a bit responsive, but it breaks in to a nice matte finish over time. The gap area was masked off from the blasting, so that is a plus. There is also a shiny version if you prefer.


I went ahead and bought a Benchmark O. I thought it was a great price especially with the free side effects.


O, I got one of those too :stuck_out_tongue: Second One Drop yoyo, first one with side effects.


I snagged an O, as well. That said, the T1 is a really nice yoyo and supports a great cause. I have one I enjoy.


I grabbed an ‘O’ also! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:. Haha, looks like a perfect storm…

I don’t always ding my expensive throws, but when I do, I just throw them again :wink:


I have been thinking about the Benchmark for a while now and when I saw the price on the 2014 “O” I took the plunge.


So many O’s! We should totally post pics when our orders come.