Cyber monday sale, what do I buy for my younger brother?

Hey all :slight_smile:

I’m looking at the cyber monday sale to buy a yoyo or two for my younger brother. He’s at an intermediate level and owns a few high end throws including the oxy 3vo and the summit. What cyber monday yoyos do you love and why? Price isn’t an issue especially with the big sale. Thank you!

Werrd Tre is the only thing on the cyber monday sale that I actually think is a good deal. It’s a 7075 full size aluminum throw for under $60. Supernova isn’t bad but also isn’t amazing. I had a beyond envy and it had horrible vibe so I would never recommend that even considering the savings. So for yoyoexpert that’d be the only deal I’d consider.

One thing that caught my eye while scrolling down the page was a spy orbitron 5000 for half price only $55
now the orbitron is not my favorite yoyo in the world but its good especially for only $55

I almost never disagree with Sparhawk, so I’m posting simply because this is a rare event. I love most of the HSpin lineup, and now that they’re gone, I think the opportunity to pick one up at a greatly reduced price is something I can’t turn down. As a result I picked up a Beyond Envy and an Antipodes.

That STYY Orion got excellent reviews when it came out. Full-sized with a competitive shape and rounded rims. Look at how the bead-blasting was masked around the gap. Looks like no frills rim weight too. Made in the USA. Seems like a sweet, underrated deal to me, but I don’t have one myself.

I love my SPYY Orbitron. It has a classic shape, but it’s wide and with a subtle modern twist in the gap. I think it’s a nice way to round out any collection with something unique.

I was looking at the beyond envy because it’s gorgeous, but the width is throwing me off a little bit? Do you think it’s actually a good throw?

I’ve played my friends special edition he bought from hspins website … It feels so incredible in the hand and looks gorgeous …

But that’s about it. It plays too meh. Spins super smooth and everything but the shape just doesn’t cut it for competition style/play and all that jazz.

If I had the money I would DEFINETLY pick one up . I loved hspin . Sad to see them gone

+1 I have one and love it to bits!!! It’s a wide Yoyo yet extremely nimble for it’s size and smooth!

I just noticed there are many other yoyos on sale that aren’t listed in the cyber Monday deal .

For instance

Yoyojam meteor -$40
Eneme -$50

Dream yo man - $45
New wing -$50

YYF equilateral $80

Werrd 4xl smooth / grooved - $50

Check out all the manufacture pages for these hidden gems

Crucial delicious