Because Black Friday just doesn’t cut it anymore.  ;D

Cyber Monday has arrived to YoYoExpert!

For a limited time you can save BIG on some select models!

PLUS – you get a FREE YoYoFactory ONESTAR when you spend over $150!

To see what is available follow the link here!

Sale ends Wednesday at 10:00 PM EST!

Awesome! Just ordered a Maple Courier, been wanting one of those for quite a while. Thanks for the great deal!

They’re so nice! I’ve been thinking about picking up one of the Purple Heart Curriers myself!

No CZM8 sale?
(Obsessed! to get one by my birthday!) ;D :-[

Dang. $60 for a SPYY Radian is hot/reckless/totally-insane!

Also $55 for an Orbitron. I nearly jumped on that just to have a second one.

i don’t what i should get help !

Oh gosh the decisions that I have to make!!! :smiley:

Had to pick up a green antipodes
> hspin is so classy, were one of my favorite companies which is sad that they’re now defunct.

For $25!! How could you not.

yoyojamism - was going for one of those but then i read some reviews

It’s kind of a gamble

I had two blue ones 2 years ago . One was really good the other had vibe…

Siliconed, tuned, Kk bearing Made it a really good player

The Antipodes has me way interested. My understanding is that they’re quasi-b-grade because the response was done incorrectly. Rip it out, pour flowable in, and you have an absolutely world-class yoyo for $25. I was JUST AT YYE, though, so it’s hard for me to now have something mailed to Canada. :smiley:

Thank you YoYoExpert Staff for these great deals!

I finally got to pull the trigger on a Roll Model!

Excited to get my hands on one!

My extravagance for this month was to order an Antipodes and a Beyond Envy. I’m very excited. I think these will be great fun. Ever since I saw this sale I’ve really just been throwing my NVx. :smiley: Did you pull the trigger Greg?

I grabbed a Drop Bear and an Enigma. :slight_smile:

Nabbed a Love Edition TRE and the free OneStar

slowyojoe, I did not. I peeked back in and it was gone. :wink: But I probably wouldn’t have anyhow. Just got a brand new yo this weekend, plus some kendama stuff. So I decided to pass.

It’s awful quiet in here. :wink: But, I bet you guys are waiting for the stuff to be delivered to you. I was moving things around in my cart quite a bit, until I found something that seemed right. I ended up buying this, and it was delivered today:

  1. Chico Heavy Hitter in blue. I finally got one of these. Andre spoke highly of this throw, so I always wanted to try it.

  2. YoyoSkeel Stalker in red. It just looks like an interesting design, and while it’s light, it’s something I don’t already have.

  3. God Tricks Infiniti GT in black/silver. I have the Evolution, and I was impressed with it, so it was time to give another God Tricks a try.

  4. Unleashed in white/red. It has YoyoExpert colors, enough said. :-X

  5. Free OneStar, in blue. ;D

Thanks for the great deals YoyoExpert. Favorite store!

About to pull the trigger on the Hildy Bros. Currier, now to decide…Purpleheart or Padauk?

Or both? Lol.

10 minutes left in the sale and I impulse bought a purple new breed :smiley: