4th of July Sale at YoyoExpert


So, with up to 20% off, what are you buying? Anything? I have a few things in mind, something old, and something new. That new YoyoFactory Genesis in the flag colors, Whimsy Aloha in blue and God Tricks Evolution in YYE colors have got my eye.

Happy 4th peeps.

https://farm3.staticflickr.com/2910/14385272749_2a5930f9ef_z.jpgFlag by The TotalArtist, on Flickr


I seem to have missed it so I’ll just ask here. What’s the code?


The discount is automatic at checkout. :wink:

(Erik Kerber ) #4

Sadly I’m not buing anything for 4th pf july but I wish I could. Cool yoyo American flag BTW


Thanks Erik. If you were able to buy something, what would you choose…especially knowing the discounts? It’s always an opportunity to buy things you thought were a bit more than you’d like to spend.

(Erik Kerber ) #6

I would probably get s YYJ Revival just because its new and it looks like a really fun yoyo.


I’d probably buy a torque in pink or an alien galaxy shutter. Love both of those throws.


I almost got one, but I’m going to wait on that one. It was between that Revival and the Aloha at that price range, and Aloha is almost out of stock, so that won out.

I definitely recommend the Galaxy Shutter, one of the prettiest yo-yos I’ve seen. I have other Shutters, but didn’t mind having that one too, just for the “look.”


TA, where’s your USA hatrick?!?! That’s gotta be as American as you can get!


Well, that’s true, but it had all three colors in one, so it just didn’t fit in with the flag for that reason. But, I’m hoping it might have some USA company, and I get my hands on that new Genesis. What do you think of that one? USA Genesis vs. USA Hatrick?


The only reason I know that 4th of July is a big deal in the USA is because I watched “Independence Day” last weekend. Quality film right there, big Will Smith fan.

That being said, a sale is a sale, so I’ll have a looksie around and see what tickles my fancy. Been putting of the Valor for quite a while… :slight_smile:


As cool as those genesis’ look, I’m still a USA hatrick guy. If you like the genesis better I could always take that hatrick of your hands lol ;). On a serious note, how much will that genesis be?


I had that flag photo in my head for almost a year. I always envisioned that Valor in blue on the top left. I just haven’t bought one in all this time, so it didn’t make the photo. But, it’s a perfect shade of blue for what I was looking for. I had plenty from Da Fact’ry though.

The 4th is starting out right. My 5A favorite Tyler and Caribou Chris aka C Double, just hit me up with a few likes, now tell me that ain’t nice? 8) All I need now is a like from The Expert (fingers crossed). :wink:


Sadly, I cannot buy the Chik I wanted for my birthday because I have to buy a new phone.


What phone are you going to get? What are you throwing in the meantime?

I’m due for an “upgrade” on my phone, but I haven’t gotten around to it yet.


I managed to snag a 2014 Genesis from another site and it’s so good! Highly recommended. The hype is real.


Totally forgot about the sale :smiley:

But I would’ve saved up for a New Diffusion, Valor, or Positron 2.

I would have enough for the Diffusion but I spent $50 on a 100 pack of YYSL a few days ago.


I’m hearing a lot of good things about the 2014 Genesis. I guess YYF has sucessfully revived the Genesis :smiley:


I love the flag TA, today I’m quite torn
I’d like to get a crucial milk shake, USA genesis, mustache man chik or an aloha. But since my dad is getting it for me I cannot surpass 100 dollars. Oh but I know I’m getting a zeekio Apollo 2 as I have already ordered it :slight_smile:


I have to say. The best deal to me seems like the NQP Chik. Combined with the 12 dollar discount (messed up engravings) and the 10% discount you get an already well priced yoyo for 20$ off and a free pair of SE’s.