Happy 4th of July | Sale 4th and 5th!


It’s 4th of July! Time to celebrate with another great sale.

For two days (July 4th and 5th) you can score some GREAT stuff at killer discounts.

Spend $50 and get 10% off your entire order.
Or… Spend $100 and take 15% off.
And orders over $150 take a huge 20% off!

We rarely have sales like this!

PLUS! We have some real ‘SPECIALS’ that you can even combine with the normal sale above!

YoYoFactory StarBrites for just $10.
G-Funks for just $40!
YoYoJam Trinity for just $65.
Or get a Free 2A Tutorial DVD automatically when you buy two Raiders!

Have a SUPERB weekend yo-yo players and friends!

  • André


That’s so cool of you guys!!! Thanks Andre!

(SR) #3

Did you really have to quote that HUGE post just to say that?


Lol sorry! Just excited!! Happy 4th!


I had an issue with the sale with 2 of the same yoyo’s but in different colorways, the sale would not apply to the second colorway.
Awesome sale, thanks!


I have a bunch of stuff coming, including a Megatron, Aware and…a Trinity coming from YYE. Great sale, and if I remember correctly, even better than last year’s 4th of July sale. YYE outdoing themselves as usual. That Trinity ended up being $52, with the sale price, combined with 20% off. It costs almost the same as a DMII. Great yo-yo for a great price. Oh, and a two day sale? That’s amazing!!


Excellent sale! Was just about to purchase a Summit for USD 97.50, but the cheapest shipping option is USD 35 to the UK!

Wish I lived in the States.

(Owen) #8


You take the percentage of the entire order, not particular parts of that order.


what if he was buying a trinity?


I love it. But I just spent way to much money lol. A new cliff and bvm2. Thanks guys and happy 4th


Thank you André. I finally ordered my Chief and Strix for my birthday. Happy Independence Day:)


I went outside last night with 5 packs of sparklers and melted my Yomega Saber Raider

It was mostly liquid once I was done :stuck_out_tongue:


You clearly did not try to buy stuff last night then, go be a troll somewhere else.


There is a slight problem if you buy two of the ‘same’ product but different colors.

Just send us an email to Contact@YoYoExpert.com and we will help you out fast! :wink:


This is awesome! I was just about to order something the other day, but I decided to wait instead. I’m happy I did now. ;D Thanks YYE!


One day left for this sale. I put my order in yesterday, and very excited about it too. I waited six months just for this sale, so I was very happy that it was all I hoped for…and two days long at that. Now, it’s time for me start saving up for Black Friday. Great sale!!


Man the luck. I ordered a chik on the 3rd. Oh well. I guess I’ll know for next year.


Same here. Except I got a big order on the 2nd. At least mine is coming today!


Thanks for the sale!

Grabbed a few things I’v been wanting :smiley:

Descender holder in brown
Purple “The V”
Blue zebra Onestar
Green Sine//Saw
100 pack white Fat kitty string
100 pack neon mix normal kitty string
Duncan friction stickers

What a Pickup, Can’t wait!!!


Did you guys have to put in a promo code? When does the discount kick in, I’m trying to order right now…