Black Friday/Cyber Monday

So, from you folks that have been around a while, when is likely to be the best time for a large(ish) order?

I know YYE in the past has done black Friday sales and cyber Monday sales. Which one is likely to have the best deals? Are they worth waiting for?

Is there new throws in the pipeline that I should wait for?

Any rumors on if they are doing the Mystery Box thing again? Sounds like it was a fiasco last year.

I don’t want to order today only to see a better sale tomorrow. Also don’t want to spend my wad only to have the next “must have” drop the next week.

This will probably be my last order for several months, so I want to get it “right”.

The Mystery Box was a grand success last year. When your servers are hammered by so much demand that they crash (which was the “fiasco”-ish part) you’re not going to conclude, “Well, that didn’t work out.” :wink:

There were some complaints from the people who stayed up late and then missed out, but even if everything went smoothly server-wise, there would have been complaints about how despite clicking refresh like a maniac, they still couldn’t get a box into their cart in time.

When there are limited quantities and extremely high demand, SOMEONE is going to get left out, period.


Last year, they wrote a letter of apology stating they will not do another mystery box, but that letter quickly dissapeared. I bet yyf has the big end of the stick and would not miss out on liquidating some old stock. Having said that, the 50 bucks last year was well spent, the AG was a good surprise, and the rest was bonus.

lol mystery box wasn’t even that great of a deal, nothing to get worked up about the way some people did. Yes there will probably be a mystery box, yes lots of stores will have sales including YYE, yes more yoyos are always coming out but i have no idea what your preferences are so who knows if you should wait.

Are you sure about that? I remember the apology letter, but I don’t remember the letter saying they would never do another one.

NathanC, the box was a pretty darned good deal for those who didn’t have established collections and preferences yet. You gotta remember, not everybody has a stock of YYRs and experiences to draw on. That Avant Garde is a fantastic yoyo and was the first long-spinning stable aluminum yoyo that many people owned!

The mystery box was good but I was kinda annoyed when I found out everyone got the same exact thing xD
But ya’know… it was still fun and a good deal

I just remember people who got a couple boxes being disappointed to find that they now had a pile of Superwides and Pocket Changes. Maybe that was just the less expensive boxes? I don’t remember exactly. I’m a huge fan of deals no matter the brand, i was just basing that on the feedback i remember seeing on the forum. An AG or AG2 would for sure be a deal. Likewise if there were new Genesis, Protons, or Superstars in this years it would be amazing.

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I remember well, they had a different letter saying it was the last time, but that only lasted hours, a day at most.

Box: 50$ AG1, whistling ss yoyo, spec-x bearing super long strings, player card set and stickers
Bag: 35$ Superwide, counter-attack, speed dial and stickers

Having a pile of meh yoyos, thats the risk you take if you buy more than 1 box…
Dont get me wrong, the 3 throws in the bag were fun, but certainly not daily players to me.

I’m sure this year will be another model that will be phased out, the old superstar or old supernova or something like that.

Old Superstar or Supernova would be a good grab for $50! Again, now that my collection is bigger and I have preferences, still not sure I’d go for it… but that would be a good deal!

Probably not enough older Superstars or Supernovas to go around. I hope YYR does another lucky box. :wink: Half the fun of these things for me is just seeing what other people get, so hopefully YYE hasn’t gotten scared off, heck they should do one of their own. Mighty Flea, Bapezilla.2, and DM2, lord knows the shop has more than enough of those laying around.

Last year, during the Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales, my internet provider was acting up, so no way I could possibly have placed an order at YYE. I knew that YYE was going to get hammered from the trafffic. YYE had been taking hits in 2012 with CLYW drops, General Yo KLRs and even the VsNYYC Sky Walkers. I do know that YYE stated doing some major upgrades to a more robust server platform for the merchant processing services as well as the store.

It would be interesting to see what YYF would want to get rid of in the Mystery Boxes. I doubt I would buy one. I just don’t know what YYF made too many of. With the new big box retail packaging of the ONE’s, that’s a possibility. The Shutter is fairly inexpensive and it’s really good, so that’s a possible contender. I doubt they would want to unload 2013 SuperStars, but maybe older ones. The Roll Model is a good all around throw, but honestly I don’t want to see this one discounted like this, as I think it’s priced really good where it is. They might dump off PopStars. They do have a lot of low-cost models, such as the Loop 360 and 808’s, so they could do 2A starter kits in a mystery box.

Whatever the sales are, it’s hard to say if the Black Friday or CyberMonday is better. I’m not sure if I’m going to have funds available for either sale. I will be watching. I got a couple of items on my wants list, mostly a YYJ Diamondback and the new Werrd Irony. Most of the other stuff I will want won’t be at YYE now thanks to CLYW’s new business model.

What you could do is to request YYE hold your Black Friday order in case you want to do more shopping for CyberMonday. If you buy more, they can cram more into the box. Now, if you order too much, they may have to bump your shipping, but they’ll make sure you get taken care of.

Shoot for Black Friday. I found the sales more exciting, but that’s just my opinion. Besides, it comes before Cyber Monday, so it will be hard to ignore that one to wait for unknown deals days later. My advice is, just don’t spend your last dime, and keep cash in reserve for whenever the opportunity for a special purchase might pop up.

I haven’t heard rumors of any new drops. I also don’t know about the Mystery Boxes this year. But, I will say that I think anyone who complained about that deal was crazy. I bought into it, having no clue what I’d end up with, and whether I’d be able to unload it if I didn’t want the stuff. But, I’m confident in my sales ability, so I took the chance. I was primarily looking for a Secret Santa gift, because I participated last year.

I ended up with 2 mystery bags. In those mystery bags were:

  1. Counter Attack
  2. Superwide
  3. Speed Dial
  4. Stickers
  5. Multitool

So multiply that by 2 for a total of a mere $79.58. I decided to give the Counter Attack and a multi tool to my Secret Santa (with other random stuff), but determined based on his posts that he would likely not enjoy the other throws. I wanted to keep a Superwide for myself, but the one I put aside for me was damaged, so I ended up selling that too (I later got a Superwide in a Pro Pack instead). So, I put the unwanted throws on Ebay, and sold them in no time. This is what I sold them for:

Counter Attack $25.99
Superwide (damaged) $34.99
Superwide $49.99
Speed Dial $18.99
Speed Dial $18.99

I made $148.95, minus Ebay fees and shipping costs left me $113.55. Subtract the $79.58 from that and I profited $33.97. Keep in mind that I kept two multitools and a Counter Attack, a value of $42.97 and the sticker sets. So if I add $42.97 to the $33.97 profit…it put me ahead, after recouping my costs. I list things on Ebay all the time…there’s even a phone app to do it, so it was no inconvenience for me to unload the stuff. I lost absolutely nothing on that deal and sold the unwanted throws in one week.

With a little business sense, you can unload anything. Not that anyone would set out to have to do it, but it is a “mystery” box after all, so it’s the chance that you take. I would take the chance again. It was awesome. I hope they do it again…I made a little profit on it. :wink:

Ok guys, I have to ask.

  1. When is Black Friday, and why do people pepper spray each other in the face on it?

  2. What and when is cyber Monday?

Black Friday is the day after Thanksgiving, which is November 28th. Lowlifes, typically urban youths and lower-middle class striver poors flock to stores in droves to save a couple bucks on consumer electronics usually, although almost everywhere/everything is a sale. Usually there’s a few really limited items that are great deals, so people fight over those. Picture the London riots, but slightly more contained and with less outright looting.

Cyber Monday is just the Monday after Black Friday and is basically the internet’s better, safer, and more convenient way to save money before Christmas.

Oh and don’t take this the wrong way, i’m cheap as heck and save a buck anyway i can, but i’m not about to stand outside in 20 degree weather all night or wake up at 5am the day after Thanksgiving to go save a couple hundred dollars on a TV i don’t need.

I could totally handle the 20 degree part about now. We’re about minus 10.

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Also, a lot of the Black Friday sale stuff is stuff that didn’t move well all year. Mark it “Sale” and people flock to it.

That’s Celsius, right? That’s 14 F, a relative heatwave at some times of the year.
20 C is 68 F.

NathanC is talking 20 F

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lol wow, when i move to New York early next year i’ll have to PM you for advice on clothing! Can’t stand the cold, but i do like curling up inside in front a fire when it’s cold, but going outside, no thanks.

Yeah black Friday is like our (and I say our being the British) New Years sales. Just envisage that terrible seen as the doors to H&M, and in years gone by Dixons, opened on Jan 1st/2nd :frowning:

You’re British? Good show old bean!

Oh Dixons, how I miss thee. Yeh that sounds about right, any town centres on New Year’s Day are absolute bedlam… one could lose an arm or eye very easily. Good thing pepper spray is illegal over here or people would be using it by the canful in those sales.

Thanks for the thorough explanation Nathan, enjoyed the London Riots reference as well… now that takes me back. I think it might be time to dust off the balaclava, don my old hoodie and loot YYE down to the bones. Figuratively speaking, of course… puts dates in calendar

Is YYE really going to have 2 sales? Hardly seems worth it…

I’ll add a bit. Black Friday is basically the biggest shopping day of the year in the US. “Sport shopping” is part of it (though I’ve never participated), but generally it’s the official start to Christmas shopping and retailers take the opportunity to mark things down to get you in the door. WalMart will do a $700 60 inch TV in hopes you’ll buy other stuff.

Cyber Monday is the e-retailer version. Biggest sales numbers for online retailers is Cyber Monday.

Thanks for giving me the YYE lowdown. Guess I’ll wait for Black Friday and see what the discounts look like. If it looks good, I’ll buy more, if nothing I want is on sale, I’ll just buy the two things I really want and that’s it.