YYE Sales?


Does anyone know if YoyoExpert does any sales besides the Black Friday and Cyber Monday stuff?


they sometimes have holiday sales. usually 20% off I think.


But not very often probably not soon.


Would probably need to have had it by now if they are going to make it in time for Christmas.



On June 6th, 2011, that was National YoYo Day. That is the day I placed my first order with YYE. So, they have sales and specials from time to time. It seems a bit more noticeable during the holidays since there’s so much more focus on people looking to buy stuff.

Also, there’s been a flurry of activity recently since before Halloween. There were several YYF Tour packs in limited numbers, CLYW releases, new limited and signature releases and many other new models coming out. In addition, there was the Halloween contest, a Mystery Box from YYF(and a "guess the contents contest), and of course the Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales. There may be an after christmas sale, or even a new years sale, but I’m just guessing randomly at that. I don’t think YYE is like the big box retailers where they want to get rid of what they have NOW for stuff they have coming shortly. I mean, no doubt YYE wants to move inventory to make room for new stuff, but I don’t see the same type of need to blow stuff out.

Of course, some stuff just doesn’t stay in stock. Those YYF Tour Packs sold out very fast. CLYW releases don’t last 30 minutes from release, so the CLYW shipments are only only just taking up space between the time they arrive at YYE to be inventoried, released, sold out and then shipped.

I do agree that if you want something in time for Christmas, today is probably your cut-off day. Service for USPS tends to bog down due to volume right now, so if you haven’t ordered it by now, you might want to give a card saying “sorry, your gift will be late” just to be safe.


or get overly priced shipping.


Yeah, the speedy services I feel are excessive. Recently I had to overnight an amplifier module. I was shocked, it only cost me $68 to do that. I was expecting more around $130 or so. USP though. Installed the module at the venue.

Thank goodness for USPS Priority Mail, the flat rate boxes really make things a LOT easier from both a buyer and a seller’s point of view, as well as being very affordable.


No need for deals. If you want the yo-yo enough, just buy it for the price it already is


i dont let the price of a yoyo scare me away… most are under 130 and ive only seen one over 250 (fhmg) so if i want it enough, i just save for it… but sales are nice… only problem is im always broke during black friday, and usually for other sales as well


C22, pure gold, and oxygene ti were all over 250, but yeah, you can get most high end yoyos for around 100.


They did something for Halloween,Thanksgiving,and Black Friday.