when does yye have sales

(Erik Kerber ) #1

so im wondering when yoyoexpert has sales on there throws it can be any sale mystery box pro packs etc so anything thanks ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D


Holidays for the most part. Black Friday is a big one.


The ProPacks I think were a one-off promotion, but something else may happen.

There is typically a June 6th “National YoYo Day” sale. There was also an even more amazing July 4th sale this year. There is also the Black Friday sale that is the Thursday after Thanksgiving. Black Friday typically has the YYF Mystery boxes.


They have a sale right now, it’s the you use their forum for free sale. go buy something.


What’s the discount on black Friday? 10%? 20%? 99%?


Don’t remember.


I know the 4th of July sale that recently passed was up to 20% off. I certainly took advantage ;D