Black Friday sales?


Is there usually a black friday sale on yye?

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I’m pretty sure they didn’t have any sort of sale last year… But I may be wrong.


I was wondering about this to. That would be awesome if they did.


There was one. I can’t remember exactly.


I think it was about 15% off last year not quite sure but there will be a sale


I think André does the “Mystery” box with yyf but if there are sales I got my dads credit card ready and I’m not afraid to use it :wink:


I’m 99.9 % positive there was a sale and 98.4 % that it went something like this:
Spend $50 get 15% off
Spend $100 get 25% off
Spend $200 get 50% off

I THINK it went something like that, but I’m not fully sure, so don’t think that the same exact thing will happen this year.


If I spent $1000 think it would be free ::slight_smile:


Guess how much I’m spending :wink:


500$ ?


I contacted YYE. They said there will be a sale but they dont usually release it until the week of black friday.


Yes there usually is…


Do you know if the postage also gets a price cut or not? Thanks :wink:


There were indeed incremental discounts last year. I think they were 10, 15 and 20 percent. Not positive on those amounts but they definitely weren’t 15, 25 and 50 percent.

The discount was for product only, not postage.

Remember too that what was done last year isn’t necessarily what will be done this year.


lol can absolutely guarantee that wasn’t it.


they did that for 4th of july i believe… so i wouldnt be surprised


are there any details on black friday sales other than the mystery box?


Yes! (well, not really) :slight_smile:

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I’ve been hearing alot of this on forums so if anyone knows there’s going to be a sale here on YoyoExpert please give me the heads up (I know about the mystery box so please don’t mention that cause I’m buying one :wink: ) and if you do know there’s going to be a sale how much % off is it? Thanks


Last year they did 15% off with any order over $100