Whose gonna win nats?


Maybe Gentry, hoping its Gentry.
What are your thoughts?


I am.


I hope Gentry or Zach.


After thinking about it maybe anthony rojas




his style is so funky fresh and gentry won two big contests in a row it would be too good to be true.


Im hoping for ZACH!!


Lets hope zach plays like he did in worlds prelim rounds

(mysteriousyoyoer parvarsingh) #9

What about 2a,3a,4a and 5a?


I would say; that in each Division; the players that out score the second place finishers; will most likely win.


We don’t know yet. It makes no sense to predict things when you don’t know how a player will do or what they have in store.



You go Logi!


I have a feeling that Anthony Rojas will win.
I am also feeling some good vibes from Zach Gormley.


1a gentry, or rojas
2a joseph harris
3a patrick borg.
4a zac rubino
5a jake elliot

(Former National 4A Champion) #16



Anyone who’s competing in Nats should have this attitude otherwise why compete? Smaller contests I can understand competing for the experience, but if you made it into Nats either with a seed or petition then you better be in it to win it :slight_smile:


(Ellie) #19

i hope zach takes it

if he doesn’t i’ll cry


I want Zach, or Michael Kurti to win!!