BAC 2015 Predictions!

  1. Andrew Maider
  2. Michael Kurti
  3. Anthony Rojas

But if Gentry Stein or Zach Gormley Competes, then they will win!

What do you guys think?!

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I think:

  1. Anthony Rojas
  2. Kevin Nicholas
  3. Michael Kurti

But, yeah, if Gentry or Zach compete, we no longer need this thread. :smiley:

Didn’t they say they weren’t competing

“if” :slight_smile:

I think Takeshi matsuura will win
(Thinking anothony)

Anthony Rojas. This is his realm.

  1. Tanner Feuerstein
  2. Hunter Feuerstein
  3. Anthony Rojas

if he competes and goes relatively clean, id say Riccardo Fraolini has a chance

also gentry, anthony, and kurti have a good shot as well

really wish i could go nonetheless! :slight_smile:

Jensen Kimmitt!

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Erik Koloski to win!

#forumloyalty #supportthestaff #andresarmy


I really want Michael Nakamura to win. So much class and flash.

Wait, Riccardo Fraolini will be there?

Who sponsors Rojas?


Boy, it really just depends on who goes clean. However, given that everyone does go clean, I’ll say that the top three will be:

  1. Michael Nakamura.
  2. Anthony Rojas.
  3. Gentry Stein.

I am going with andrew maider

I was curious if we’d see anything from Jensen and Charles new project.  They’ve been pretty quiet about what they’ve got going on.

Do they still produce yoyos?

I don’t know, that’s why I put a question mark ::slight_smile:

T’Chotchkie or however it’s spelled :stuck_out_tongue:

If you don’t know, then why would you provide me with information that may not answer my question fully? Far from helpful. When did question marks become code for “I don’t know if a company is still active”? An emoji rolling its eyes has to be the weakest attempt at shade I’ve ever seen.