MA State 2015 Predictions!


So many great competitors this year, so it will be tough to decide.

Contenders for winning in my opinion are:

T-Mac, Dirty Kurti, D-Kane, Bird Man, Brandon Vu, Daniel Dietz, Remmy Basket, Douglas Kapinos, Nick DeValpine!

If everyone goes clean, i will say:

  1. Tylor McCallumore (4peats)
  2. Michael Kurti
  3. Nick DeValpine

Danny D, Birdman, D-Kane, and Vu are Darkhorses though!

Gawwww idek lol

What do you guys think/predict!?


Brandon Vu is showing up? WHAT?

I think Dirty Kurti will be scooping that 1st though.


Koloski for the win, T-Mac second, Kapinos 3rd


1st - Michael Kurti
2nd - Andrew Maider
3rd - Tylor McCallumore

(Owen) #5

Macklemore is gonna win


no, ryan lewis…duh

anyways, i would have to say im rooting for Eric, T-Mac, or Brandon Vu.

also, on a side note if Brandon comes to KS states, that will be one of the best days of my life (easily one of my favorite yoyoers ;D)


I hope Tylor wins :stuck_out_tongue: I loved his BAC 2014 Performance, Even if he did mess a couple of times.


I’m going to have to say Erik and Branfon Vu

(mysteriousyoyoer parvarsingh) #9

Branfon vu LoL.


Aahh!! I meant Brandon. Haha. I’m replying from my phone, the D and F are right next to each other. I apologize for not proofreading it before hitting post.


New 1A top 3 -

1st: Michael Kurti

2nd: Tylor McCallumore

3rd: Eric Koloski


I’m definitely not going to win.

(Owen) #13

i called eet


em su prowd of mecklemere

did i heer thet mekclemor wun? kewl.


I want Daniel Dietz to win

(Owen) #17

If you believe it will happen in the past.