VA STATES 15 Predictions.....

Who you think is gunna take the podium via Single A and Open this year!?

My Predictions:

Single A:

  1. Tylor Mccallumore (if he goes) 2. Daniel Dietz (if he goes) 3. Dirty Kurti


1.Samm Scott 2. D-Kane 3. Alex Kurfman

1A: Ky, Kurti, tyler Severence (if he goes)

open: SAMM, Alex Curfman, AJ!!!

Sports ladder: ME!!! ;D ;D

I don’t know about you… But I think, that Eric koloski person would get 2nd or 3rd place if he rocks his freestyle… Just saying.

That “dirty Kurti”

Eh… Who knows, If Ky Zizan shows up like last year he might be first.


2nd-D Kane


Daniel Dietz and Tylor Mackelmores are not going anymores : (

Therefore i change my predictions to:

Single A:

  1. Ky Zizan & Dirty Kurti (tie)
  2. T-$tacks or Mark Mangarine


  1. Samm Scott
  2. D-Kanes
  3. Alex Curfman

Um, isnt Yuuki getting back at the competitive scene?

Well that was fun. I will be posting some finals and other freestyles I took will I was there up tomorrow. EDIT: got most of the videos up today on my YT if you want to see most of the finals for 1a i have most of them. ;D

Basically! He competed at 44 Clash and 800Yoyoclass in Japan so far!!!


Awesome thanks!

Also, i basically called top 3 in 1A!!! LOL


legend has it that ky zizan doesnt sleep or take naps, he just regens…

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hes a masta!!!