MER Predicitions!!!

I will be there running the Yo-Yo Expert Booth at the Mid East Regional Yo-Yo Contest in Michigan this Saturday! : )

My predictions for the Single A division are:

  1. Colin Beckford
  2. Tylor McCallumore
  3. Kevin Nicholas

So0o0o many great throwers in the area though including the Big Guns: Tranton, Michael Stecz, and Chandler Steels. Really could be anyones game.

What do you think?! : o )

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again…

Eric Koloski for the win. 8)

Jeremy Dukes FTW

Results not online yet, anyone know who won 1A and 5A?

I think Beckford won 1A and Bryan Jardin won 5A

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No one competed!!!

1- Colin
(no one else competed in 3A! :confused: )

1- Durdak
2- Chunn
3- Lee

1- Jardin
2- Ekblad (meeeeeeee)
3- Taylor Noyes

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