Who are your picks for Nationals?

As the title states, I want to see who your picks for Nationals are!

2A - Grant Johnson
3A - Patrick Borgerding
4A - Ben Conde
5A - Tyler Severence

All the guys are also my favorite players in each style…LOL.

EDIT: I just learned that Grant isn’t even participating (or actually DIDN’T even participate…awards should be happening as I type this, LOL)…I guess my 2A pick is now Joseph Harris.

I really want Mike Montgomery to win I’d also like to see someone on the GenYo team bring home a win.

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1A- Zach Gormley(I WANT Mark Montgomery to win but I think Zach will)
2A- Grant Johnson
3A- Hank Freeman
4A- Ben Conde
5A- Tyler Severance

I always root for Zach Gormley in every 1a contest so my choice is Zach Gormley for 1a. As for the other divisions I have no preference.

Team Elliot for 3a #gogawa

It will be between Zach Gormley, Gentry Stein and Eric Tran-ton. IMO.

Zach Gormley fo sho. jk its between him gentry and maybe another CLYW team member

Wildcard pick, Isacc Sams.

It would be kind of interesting to see him win…if he did, Duncan would have a VERY dominate year. I will still be going for Gentry though!

You guys obviously havent seen Chase Baxter’s new video. He is seriously gonna shred.

What about Michael Ferdico? That guy has some top tier tricks that could contend for the National 1A title.

1A Zach and Gentry could be duking out for 1st again. Eric Tran-Ton was killin’ it at worlds. I can see him placing top 5…

3A is a toss up between Pat Borgerding and Eric Tran-Ton

4A I’m thinking Michael Nakamura and Bryan Figueroa

2A other than Grant Johnson, I don’t know who else is competing.

I’m thinking it’s gonna be Zach or Eric Tranton (is it Tranton or Tran-Ton? I see it spelled both ways all the time and I’m never sure…) for 1A. Sebby, Isaac, or maybe Andrew Maider could possibly pull something out, too. For 2A, I’m going with Grant. I think he’s definitely going big in 2A this year and I think he’ll be bringing his best. 3A, Either Pat Borgerding or Eric Tranton/Tran-Ton. If Hank’s back (but I doubt he will be), than my bet is that it’s going to be him, though. 4A, I think Bryan will take it again, but Michael Nakamura definitely could and has the potential (I think we all know he has the talent after winning Worlds). 5A, it’s probably staying with Tyler Severance again.

Mike won’t be competing this year

I know right! I think Chase could definitely place top 3 in 5A. It’s weird though. Tyler isnt registered yet.

Anthony rojas?

Zach should win, gentry never even had a chance

I think that Zach Gormley will win. I love his style. :slight_smile:

Ah, I forgot about him. He definitely has a good chance of winning.

Maybe I misunderstood him when I talked with him about his going. Maybe, but I’ll ask him again just to make sure.

I definitely don’t think that Zach will repeat (That doesn’t really happen often). He has the capability of winning but I think Gentry has the momentum on his side.