Best players to never win a national or world title

Who, in your opinion, are some of the best players to not have a national and/or world title? Who do you think has deserved one but never got one (or hasn’t yet)

Sebby Brock (world)
Chis chia (world)
Gentry stein (both)

Those are the first ones that come to mind.

Most of the best yoyo players in the last 30 years have never even competed in a Major Yoyo Contest. So the list you suggest/request would be extremely long.


I really enjoyed zach gomleys nationals win he totally deserved that

Gentry Stein for nationals

Not necessarily suggesting a list (because that would be very very long lol) just wanted to see who other people think are at that level.

This question popped into my head when I watched the new clip of Sterling a short while ago. Never won nats nor worlds, but got really really close and could have won either on the right day

Guess I’ll put mine on here :stuck_out_tongue:
1A: Anthony Rojas (both), Gentry Stein (both), Markmont (both), Christopher Chia (worlds) and more
4A: Bryan Figueroa (worlds)
5A: Sterling Quinn (both)


I agree. Augie has locked down 3rd place for WAY too many years. He need a 1st place win.


Augie did win us nationals…

GENTRY STEIN!!! For both Worlds and Nationals! I love that guys style…

Let’s hope that he can’t be on the thread anymore after the FIFTH!!!

I don’t know a lot of players but of the ones I know I would like to see

Mike Montgomery win
Bryan Figueroa win

These players are super talented and I hope the tides turn in their favor and we we a win.

Again I don’t know a lot of players also haven’t seen a ton of player videos but the two above I’ve watched a lot of videos by these guys and think they both have the potential to take their spot in the limelight!

I just cannot wait to see either the live feed or the YouTube reruns.

Is Mark competing? I thought he wasn’t competing anymore.

I didn’t make a mistake when I said Mike (Michael) Montgomery sponsored player for MFD.

Mark Montgomery does have a world title in Artistic Performance, but if we are just talking about his main competitive division (1A), I agree with Hahn92 that he’s up there. Hidemasa Semba is another one I think deserves mention (he did win the JYYA contest one year, which I think was a nationwide contest, but there was another national contest that year, and the other one got the seed to Worlds).

For players who have won Nationals but not Worlds, Koji Yokoyama. It is too bad his competitive career was entirely during Shinji’s dominance of the 2A division, or he would have likely won multiple World titles.

Sorry, my mistake. I kind of forget about him sometimes and I thought I read mark and not mike.

No worries! I’d like to seem Mark perform though.

Definitely Anthony Rojas.

I think Rojas has a shot at winning Nationals this year
I’m curious to see how Eric Tranton does after watching him at worlds.

Also, for 3A, Alex Hattori. Could take it

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